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Fanart spam (pixiv) - Natsume Yuujinchou

There are certain manga and anime titles that I wish had more fanart - or any at all really >_>. Unfortunately, DeviantART doesn't always deliver the shiny in these cases.

So imagine my excitement when I stumbled across some Natsume fanart that was was utterly *SPARKLY* on pixiv - I litterly went "EEEE!"....and hand flailing might have been involved too ^^ Then I went hunting for more.

Here are the fruits of my labor for your eyecandy!pleasure XD As always, click to go to the original post on pixiv and to view the full resolution there:

Gorgeous! Thank you for linking to all of these. I had never seen this site before. There's so much lovely art on it.
oh my godddddd it's all so BEAUTIFUL!! THANK YOU for linking them! I never go to pixiv because for some reason I have the damndest time navigating it. I had seen a Natsume AMV at Youtube the other week, though, with a really pretty song and it flipped through a bunch of fanart-- and all of it was as gorgeous as this art, and I'd wondered where it all came from because I didn't recall seeing a lot of it at DA where I usually get my fanart fix.

I cannot believe how utterly beautiful-amazing-gorgeous-there-are-no-words so much of this art is!
Oooooh, pretty. I really need to watch the second season of Natsume Yuujinchou while I'm on my latest round of an anime binge.
A lovely collection indeed!

I've bumped into most of them during my searches - pixiv is pretty addictive. ^^
This is an awesome collection of art. Natsume has touched me, seriously, and it's nice to just scroll through the beauty of it. I wish I could get a calendar made of some of these!

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing! I've seen some of them in my own searches but I'm glad to see other awesome pieces. ^^
a;slkdjfa;oiwef YES I am so saving these.

Thank you, thank you for sharing these pics with us!
I have no clue about Natsume, but these are very beautiful. Thank you! :)

I especially like the one with the tori gate and the night sky as background. So atmospheric!