* O_O - traumatized - fma

Holy cra-

Following 58 people on LJ: 17 posts today
Following 50 people on tumblr: 700+ posts today

BRB dying.

Luckily its all pretty pics but so. much. scrolling. GAH.

QUESTION TO DESIGN FOLK: Am revamping my portfolio over the next few weeks and really, really would like to get some feedback - at least once its almost done - from those in the industry, or with exposure and/or experience in it. Any volunteers? I promise your eyes won't bleed *fingers crossed behind back* Just PM me or comment if interested :D
lol, I follow over 100 on tumblr and I can honestly say I don't know where it begins and where it ends. There's just pics and pics and endless scrolling. I don't even know when those pics were posted!
Probably why I've taken a longish break from tumblr. I kind of miss the images but the time it took to go through everything was too much of a time suck. Maybe when I more time? June I believe :P

I have no design experience but good luck! :)
I'm not in the industry unfortunately, but I have been to several art schools, so I have some experience in the area at least. I'm also doing my own portfolio at the moment and oh god it's awful...
Anyway, I'd be glad to help if you need an outsider's opinion. :)