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Crazy busy at the moment (srsly, its not even funny D:) but wanted to put this up before I lift my head and realize its June and I haven't posted in yet another month...

Toph by Rei-i 

October, 2008 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post | Initial Sketches: A | B
Following the end of the series, I couldn't help wondering about Toph's future and since I'm not a writer, my next alternative was commissioning fanart.

The concept was Toph stuck at a formal function (most likely while trying to reconcile with her parents) and wishing she could get away. The anywhere-but-here vibe harkens back to our introduction to Toph in the series, with the sentiment that the more things change, the more they stay the same i.e. Toph's family will probably always try to fit her into the mold of the dutiful daughter.

Toph & Zuko by Ninjatic 

November, 2008 | Original LJ Posts: 1 & 2 | Initial Sketches: A | B

I'm a fan of the artist's avatar fanart and couldn't resist asking for Toph & Zuko as adults, fighting back to back. I got a great pose but this was definitely the two characters as youths. The specific concept was Zuko going incognito for a diplomatic visit and Toph tagging along, only to end up fighting on the road against brigands.

Toph by Pokefreak 

August, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + Original LJ Posts: 1 & 2 | Initial Sketches: A | B

I had gotten a sketch from the artist, and I'd loved his rendering of older Toph's face so much I requested a follow up full colored piece with older Toph in casual clothes in a tea shop. The final version floored me and definitely influenced later commissions <3

Toph by Janaschi & Algenpfleger 

August, 2009 | Artists' Posts on DA: 1 & 2 + Original LJ Posts: 1 & 2 | WIPs + Details

I think this was my first ever charity commission - the artists had never done Avatar fanart but were definitely game. In canon and fandom, we don't often see Toph in formal clothes but coming from the HP fandom where post series fanworks go in pretty much any direction, I didn't have a problem visualizing an older Toph who travels the world and sometimes gets roped into attending events as one of the saviors of the world. The concept was Toph in the wee hours of the morning, finally relaxing, enjoying the heat of the sun and taking a breather after all the drama

Zuko & Toph by Charlie Bowater

September, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Posts: 1 & 2 | Initial Sketches: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Details: Faces + Background

The first commish to received the Daily Deviation Award on DA \o/ Being a fan of both Toph and Zuko made me a rare pair shipper and I wanted to see my OTP brought to life. Charlie is a brilliant artist and I loved her Avatar sketches on DA. She was willing to tackle non-canon fanart and chose a formal setting as opposed to casual. This led to the above scene.

Toph by Depingo 

September, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post

The artists' Katara fanart had me jumping at the chance to request one of Toph - she was lovely to work with. She also designed the requested bo-staff, the idea behind it being that it was a gift from Iroh and had dragons carved into the metal. Toph uses it as a prop (walking stick) but metalbends it into a tool or weapon when needed. The cracks in the ground reflect her 'sight' across the distance - and getting rid of enemy trackers long before they reach her.

Zuko & Toph by DarkKenjie

September, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post | Initial Sketch

In between jaunts across the world, Toph would return to visit her old friends and most especially, drink some tea with Iroh. She ends up helping Zuko blow off some steam by sparring with him over the years - this is particularly helpful when he's stuck at palace for long periods of time. Toph's one of the few people who'll give as good as she gets, even when it comes to the Fire Lord.

Zuko & Toph by Hardedge Maelstrom 

September, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post

</a>Revisiting the concept from the Ninjatic commish with a definitely older Zuko and Toph fighting back to back. This was the first Zuko with facial hair and I adored the design, especially since it seemed reminiscent of far east asian period dramas and felt more authentic to the culture and setting.

Toph by by Iruka-Loves-Kakashi 

October, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post 

A solo casual Toph piece with her enjoying the sun and relaxing mid day.

Zuko & Toph by Erina 

November, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post 

This piece was heavily influenced by korean dramas since the hero often ends up carrying the heroine home but never in the princess hold. The idea behind it was Toph injuring her feet and Zuko helping her out - a comfy moment between the two, with just enough 'are-they-or-aren't-they?' on the shipper question to make it really fun XD This works as friends...or more :)

Also got an additional sketch from the artist.

Toph by lira_alicia 

January, 2010

Charity chibi commission with the idea being a *tackle glomp* or hug

Zuko & Toph by DS-Hina 

March, 2010 | LJ Post

DS-Hina has done some of the shippiest and most romantic avatar art and I had to ask for one of my OTP - she went all out and gave me a scene where the relationship between the two characters has long been established. The concept has Zuko busy with work and Toph taking time out of her own crazy schedule to check up on him. 

Zuko by theyoungdoyler

May, 2010 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ  

The concept behind this piece was Zuko getting ambushed, in this case, by Azula. Several people commented that there were elements of his father in his expression and whenever I look at this piece I can't help imagining what might have pushed Zuko to experience such rage - possibly the death of a loved one. On a side note, this commish also received the Daily Deviation Award.

Toph by Enduro

September, 2009 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Posts: 1 & 2 | Initial Sketches: A | B

There are certain artists who excel at clear, crisp lineart and Enduro falls into that category - couldn't help asking for my favorite gal in casual clothes. I love the juxtaposition in this scene - Toph's relaxed pose accompanied by the aggressive earth bending as she searches across the distances for something - or someone - only she can find.

Zuko by Virus-AC74 ~ 2010 

Initial sketch of a canceled Zuko commish - the artist just never got beyond the concept stage, and as much as I love their work, this wasn't the first time they'd dropped the ball. It's a shame because this early design shows so much promise.

Zuko & Toph by Anndr 

September, 2010 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post 

The post series Toph in my head spent a lot of time traveling but she always came back to her friends - in this scene, Zuko is catching her up some of the latest crazy Fire Nation trends.

Zuko by Saharaam 

November, 2010 |  LJ Post | Initial Sketch

Having watched wushu videos on youtube, I requested an action shot of Zuko with dual swords and a classic northern shaolin kungfu pose. Not only did Saharaam oblige but she included fire bending too!

Zuko & Toph: Serenade by Lilsuika

January, 2011 | Artist's DA Post + LJ Post | Progress View

I adore lilsuika's Avatar fanart, her technique and her attention to background details. And unlike a lot of artists she has experience with far east asian architecture and period fashion. Her work on this piece was a shipper delight and every e-mail had me going \o\o/o/ Seriously, amazing artist *worships* The concept was Zuko sneaking out of the palace in an Earth Kingdom diplomat's robes and going night fishing with Toph. A quiet intimate moment between the two.

Toph by Lilsuika 

April, 2011 | Artist's Post on DA + LJ Post | Walkthrough

I'd initially contacted the artist because I was so impressed with her latest Toph fanart. She was willing to draw an older Toph, complete with background and I jumped at the chance. Can I just say that this is my favorite Toph fanart ever? The setting, the mood, the design, the coloring, the little details - everything leaves me with a sense of deep satisfaction and fangirl love. I can never thank the artist enough for the time and dedication she poured into the work. The concept focussed on vagabond Toph traveling through the Earth Kingdom - the bo-staff gifted from Iroh is included too. I'd also like to point out that the walkthrough for this piece received a Daily Deviation Award <3

Toph by TeaAt2AM

September, 2011 | LJ Post 

Totally by impulse, this was a quicky!commish by teaat2am on tumblr - the artist had drawn Toph in the past and I was interested in seeing an older depiction.

Zuko & Toph by Red_Rahl 

Almost complete Work-In-Progress as of August, 2011 | Initial Sketches: A | B | C

Charity commish from my favorite chibi artist (and HP fanartist) - these comic strips put a smile on my face every time I see them and make my shipper heart so damn happy.

Erin's and Charlie's pieces were the sparks for the second and third comic, while the first comic's paisho idea also influences my final upcoming avatar commish:

Paisho by Pokefreak

Work-In-Progress as of January, 2012 

My final commish is a gen piece done by the brilliant Pokefreak, who has only gotten better over the years. He agreed to a follow up to the Tea Time Toph scene, this time focusing on a paisho game.

The concept centered around Zuko and Toph playing paisho and Iroh enjoying the game with his favorite tea. I adored seeing Iroh's relationship with the two during the series and I couldn't help but think that the three would become closer in the years beyond. Gazing at this scene, I also can't help imagining how the paisho games - and their lives - played out over the years.

FYI, I had asked for cushions but realized after the fact that this would render Toph blind - Pokefreak, being wonderful, was willing to insert a stone/rock inlay instead :D He's getting close to finishing the piece and I'm very excited.

My general Avatar fanart favorites can be found here
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