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So. Much. Love. *raises hand* Totally satisfied fangirl here. Petey, its you <3

I gotta admit, as epic and huge as Avengers was (it had me cheering and then going "NOOOO!" immediately after), The Amazing Spider-man had me near tears a few times - it has heart.

Andrew sold it as Peter and Emma had me loving Gwen - I don't OTP anyone with Spider-man really (more of a One True Character gal in this fandom, so I'm willing to ship Peter with anyone) but Emma was wonderful and not only was the chemistry between the two mesmerizing but god, brilliant acting.

And above all, beyond the superhero side to it, the focus was on the people and the relationships and that was just...perfect. It's exactly what I love about the comics.

Now, a bit of a dilemma- do I marathon the Spectacular Spider-man, re-read the Ultimate Spider-man or read Straczynski's fantastic run of the Amazing Spider-man prior to Brand New Day? Aaah, my life, its so hard.

When is the sequel?
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