Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Fanart Commish: Pai-sho by Roggles

Final avatar commish is done :D This one is by the illustrious Roggles on DA (formerly known as pokefreak)


The concept centered around Zuko and Toph playing paisho and Iroh enjoying the game while drinking tea. I adored seeing Iroh's relationship with the two during the series and I couldn't help but think that the three would become closer in the years beyond. Gazing at this scene, I also can't help imagining how the paisho games - and their lives - played out over the years.

In this particular moment, I kinda think Toph's setting up a gambit and Zuko's wondering what she's doing - another few minutes and he'll realize he's been played and Toph will break out into a grin a lot like the one in the comic strip by red_rahl (posted here). Iroh knows exactly what's going on already btw MWHAHAHA

FYI, I had asked for cushions but realized after the fact that this would render Toph blind so her's got removed XD

You can squee at the artist over HERE
Tags: avatar commish, commish

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