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So I'm probably buying a new laptop in the fall, but wasn't sure whether to wait for Windows 8 (not a fan of the Metro UI on PCs) or to just grab a Windows 7 PC and maybe do a dual boot with Linux Mint.

...which is why I'm downloading the VMWare Player now - I'll install both as virtual machines and give them a test run. I probably don't really need more than one OS but I'm curious about the two - it might just end up with me developing a new appreciation for Windows 7 lol XD

Anyone tried virtual machine installations? Or linux mint? Or windows 8? Going in blind except for help via my google-fu...*fingers crossed*
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I've used virtual machines before - it's pretty common for splitting servers up, so you have only the one ultra piece of hardware and then break it up for different functions etc. I've also used parallels and a couple of other clients for running windows on a mac and their ok too- sometimes a pain for threading/sharing resources like a USB or microphone.

I've tried windows 8 very briefly. Not really a fan? It looks great for tablets and mobile devices but ti's not reallky how I approach desktop/laptop.

(I am however a big fan of windows 7 (still can't stand vista).
Yeah, the Metro UI is something I could very much do without - TBH I'm not really fond of it on phones (prefer to not have taskbar notifications as my main screen thankyouverymuch and on a PC, the problem is compounded) so this way I can figure out which OS I'd like to stick to and which I might want as a secondary option :3

Will probably empty out my C drive of all media so there's more room there :D
After the Great Christmas Computer Disaster I faced this conundrum and finally bought... a Mac. Which I LURVE.
Lol, I knew I'd get Mac!love but I've come to realize I'm kinda...anti-apple so am focussing on the alternative of the alternative, Linux!