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Teen Wolf Fic Recs - Derek Hale/Genim (Stiles) Stilinski aka Sterek

So umm, I initially had dismissed Teen Wolf as cheesy light fare based on the pilot episode.

Then there was all this outpouring of love for a character with the horrifying name of 'Stiles' who I could actually vaguely recall as being somewhat fun and interesting. I then marathoned the show and rewatched it this month and realized, OMG, I LOVE STILES. So. This led to a binge of Stiles!fics which were really just him with Derek since that's where all the awesomesauce seems to be located in the fandom.

I've now rewatched TW again and developed a new appreciation for Derek. Also, FIC ♥

I kinda want to see certain crossover fics now where maybe Stiles gets addicted to Adderall and talks to Annie Edison from Community XD Also, AUs ARE TOTAL LOVE. Especially the kind featuring supernatural towns, characters as porn stars or masseurs or y'know, just Star Trek.

Couldn't hekp comparing the addiction to Stiles with my love for certain other character: Caroline from TVD (friends being her #1 priority), Chloe from Smallville (sidekicks FTW) and Toph from A:TLAB (the smart mouth XD) - not to mention looking like complete jailbait reminiscent of a young Jensen Ackles (particularly as Alec in Dark Angel). I can totally see elements of Xander from Buffy (the funny!guy) which ISN'T a usual love of mine but OMG, its gold in fanfic. I don't think I normally ever laugh this much in regards to dialogue.


Anyway, recs!

A Broken Heart Is Blind by halona | Mature ~ 5k
College AU - When Lydia dumps Stiles to get back with Jackson, Stiles rebounds with Derek, his former TA. It was just supposed to be a one night stand, but they're both a little confused about what the rules for those are.

A Happy Ending [Costs Double] by kaihire | Mature ~ 6k
It's Stiles' birthday, and his friends decide to surprise him with a visit to a strip club.
Unfortunately, Stiles doesn't realize that the stripper they've chosen is less of the buxom, curvy sort and more of the glaring, broody variety.

All This Has Happened by 1001cranes | Mature ~ 10k
The thing is, most of it's been done before. People competing for money, or love, or fame - it's all boring, it's all been done, has-been, seen before, who cares? Until some motherfucker finally realized - you know what's really interesting?
Dystopian AU where fame is the name of the game. Sometimes revenge is the quickest way to the top, and Derek Hale has plenty to avenge - Stiles is just along for the ride.

Cherrybomb by the_deep_magic | Adult ~ 13k
Stiles is yanked up to his feet so fast that his world spins and his shoulder aches and he’s a second from screaming police brutality! when he gets a good look at the cop’s face.
Holy shit. Stiles was just tackled to the ground by a fucking underwear model with a badge.

Desperate But Not Serious by sofonisba_found | Adult ~ 13k
Stiles is one of the more memorable students in the undergrad Psych class that Derek is assigned to as a TA, and he's not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. But when Derek finds Stiles starring on a certain website, his feelings become much more clear.

Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight by skoosiepants ~ 4K
Where they’re all real, actual wolves

Happy Endings by kototyph | Adult ~ 3k
Stiles is a masseur, and very good at what he does. Derek was not expecting this.

hear his alibis by 1001cranes | Teen ~ 7k
Creepy never looked so cute (or, how Sheriff Stiles accidentally adopted a juvenile offender - pyromaniac au.)

Howlin' For You by Lenore | Adult ~ 33k
A college AU with strippers, crime bosses, and a mystery to solve.

In Large Packages by alchemy | Adult ~ 6k
His social circle consists almost entirely of creatures of the night and men who dress as women; if he ever wants to pop his cherry he’s going to have to make some concessions somewhere.

Late Night Basement Songs by melfice | Teen ~ 8k
Band AU. They're still nobodies when Laura Hale hears them, when she asks them to open for her band at their show in Lincoln, Nebraska. Which is a little terrifying and extremely exciting and it's the first real gig they book. It's also the first time that Stiles meets Derek.

Little Red Riding Hood (you sure are looking good) by aohatsu | Adult ~ 10k
Stiles hangs out with werewolves. Stiles dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. It's supposed to be ironic.

melting in your vice dreams by hito | Adult ~ 7.5k
Scott and Stiles accidentally discover Derek's secret career in porn.

My Poor Roommate by dinolaur ~ 3k
His roommate never would have guessed looking at him, but Stiles seems to be into some pretty kinky stuff.

Necessary and Sufficient by Saucery | Adult ~ 6k
Is it even possible for penises to develop Stockholm syndrome?

nerves more by 1001cranes | Adult ~ 5k
Stiles only knows the boys are home from college when he sees the Camaro. It's a beautiful car, unusual - Laurent's car, but what's Laurent's is Derek's is Laurent's, rarely ever any distinctions - and Stiles is certain he sees it, idling in the corner of his vision when he talks to Scott, but when he turns around there isn't anything there.

Nobody Does It Better by HalfFizzbin | Teen ~ 2k
Prompt: Derek and Stiles as undercover agents who have been a team for a few years, one or both pining after the other but nothing developing, they go on a top secret mission with a fancy charity ball where they end up dancing together. Hilarity and kisses ensue.

Permanent Fixture by linksofmemories | Adult ~ 80K
Derek is Scott's older brother. Stiles is Scott's best friend. Derek is falling in love with Stiles. This is a bit of a problem.

Professional Misconduct by Habernero | Adult ~ 8k
Stiles gets a massage. And then some. (Alternatively: in which Stiles' mouth gets him into trouble, again and again.)

Show You What All That Howl Is For by skoosiepants | Teen ~ 14k
Teen Wolf/SGA team-fic, with Lydia being awesome.

Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways by hologramophone | Teen ~ 8k
“I called you a slave-driver!” Stiles cried hysterically, “I called you an ogre! I stole all the blue paperclips!”
Derek raised an eyebrow at him.
“That’s company property!” he shouted, waving his arms madly in distress.
Derek ran a hand over his face, “It’s not theft if the vice president of the company gives you permission.”
(aka The Elevator AU)

Song of the Last Day by Saucery | Mature ~ 7k
First Officer D'rek wants to Pon Farr the hell out of little Ensign Stilinski.

The Creepy Cave by LolaFeist | Adult ~ 4k
Stiles looks up. Slowly. “Holy shit,” he says. The tentacle is attached to more tentacles which are attached to a giant glowing squid thing. “That is not the droid we were looking for.”

The Faolfir by tylerfucklin (zimothy) | Mature ~ 15k
Realization struck Stiles and he had to stumble back against a tree for support. He wasn’t a hunter, he was a faolfir, a wolf shifter. Stiles had taken his pelt and prevented him from returning to his pack because he was trapped as a human without it.

The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights by herbeautifullie | Mature ~ 12k
He's watching TV over the edge of his laptop when Scott brings up the fact that he's still a lonely loser in his third year of college without a boyfriend which, while being completely true, is really fucking unappreciated. It sparks a desperate need to save what little manhood Stiles has and, before he knows it, he's blurting, "I totally have a boyfriend, dude. Shows how much you know."
How was he supposed to know Scott would doubt him? It's not Stiles' fault that someone named Derek Hale really exists.
It's also not his fault when his lie grows legs and runs so far he can't find it until it's too late – too late and standing right in front of him, gorgeous and annoyed and not at all the person Stiles made him up to be. Yeah, this could get bad.

The Perils of Fungi by the_deep_magic | Adult ~ 4k
“Yeah, he’ll be fine,” Derek says evenly, hoping Scott is too freaked out to sense that it’s at least two-thirds of a lie because Derek probably knows what this is and Stiles is probably going to be just fine, but poking purple mushrooms with sticks has consequences, dammit.

There is a Brotherhood by minusoneday | Adult ~ 21K
The one where pledge brothers Stiles and Scott start a prank war with Derek Hale's fraternity.

This Is Halloween by Swing Set in December (swing_set13) ~ 4.5k
In this town, don't we love it now? (Where Derek is a werewolf and Stiles is the son of sheriff of Halloween Town and the fairest Christmas snow angel in all of Holiday Land)

To Have Outlived the Night by stillane | Mature ~ 23.5k
Derek steps away from the window. “You helped me. They took that as a declaration.”

We Should Become More Adventurous by skoosiepants | Teen ~ 9k
Werewolves are the kind of horror you only find in books and movies and gay porn, so forgive him for being a little slow on the uptake. (Urban AU, Derek has a kid)

Wet Hot Werewolf Summer by thefarofixer | Mature ~ 8k
Summer Camp AU! In which Derek is the Hot Camp Counselor and Stiles is the Awkward Camper who lusts after him from afar.

Words Like Sparks by kototyph | Adult ~ 6k
The prompt, from the lovely Saucery:
>> stiles is an incredible songwriter -

You Can’t File a Missing Persons Report on a Lost Dog (and that’s a Doggone Shame) by SnarkyLlama | Teen ~ 13k
(WIP) The wild dog that Stiles sorta kinda adopted has gone missing. He wants to find it. With Scott's assistance, he starts a Lost Dog poster campaign.
Derek doesn't want to be found, because he isn't Stiles's dog. Well... not anymore. And Stiles's posters are embarrassing.
Will the rest of the Hale family be able to change Derek's mind?
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