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A week late but Happy New Year guys! I hope the hols were either fun or relaxing (if not both XD). It seems so quiet on LJ/DW these days compared to tumblr (which I can never keep up with) which is very depressing but understandable with the way fandom keeps changing. Still, love you guys and hope things are going alright <3

Updates on my end:

[001] Dad's determined to visit Europe this year and since my sis really enjoyed her Christmas cruise in the Caribbean, we're doing a 7 Night Eastern Mediterranean Cruise in April/May with a few days in Italy beforehand to see the shiny in Vatican city.

Apart from a weekend in Seattle last year, half a week in Banff in 2011 and a day in Mexico in 2010 (so I could do my Canadian PR landing), I haven't gone on an actual vacation abroad since 2009. OH MY GOD CAN'T WAIT.

No idea yet WHERE and what to see while in Italy but...will research XD Anyone been there before?

And as soon as I return, I can put in my papers towards applying for Canadian Citizenship in June! It figures that I'll have to wait 21 months before the government finalizes everything though >_>

[002] My contract with Rogers ended and I switched to Mobilicity. It's $31 for everything including unlimited data and calls across the whole of North America (50% off holiday savings). Can't describe how awesome it is not to have to think about how much data/minutes I'm using anymore!

To top it all off, while I had to buy a phone for Mobilicity (since my Dell Streak from Rogers wouldn't work) I was able to get the Galaxy Nexus for $250 (Boxing week sale) and I'd upgraded it to the latest Android OS (Jelly Bean 2.2) - can I just say that Project Butter is like...butter? Super smooth and I switch from app to app and multi-task almost like on my laptop. I now download fanfic off AO3 and read it on Moon+ Reader while in transit or in bed :D :D So BRILLIANT.

I completely understand why this Iphone user switched to Nexus 4 *nods*

[003] While in transit to and from work I'm usually reading news on Pulse and Google Currents and while its mainly Tech (and Android OS) news and shiny stuff like wallpapers from 500px and recipes and stuff - its just a shiny way to start the day and unwind from work when I'm not reading fic.

[004] Dine Out Vancouver starts soon! I want steak! And seafood! And braised ribs! Oh god, all that's going through my head is "meat-meat-meat-crab-cheese-meat-meat-meat". This might be because I've lost 6kgs over the past 10 weeks. I've been eating light dinners (like 0% fat greek yogurt) and focussing on more balanced breakfasts and lunches and snacks - I don't deny myself anything though since that just makes me want to eat them all the more and then feel guilty >_>

[005] Reading trend since switching to ebook reading:
  • 2010: 76 books
  • 2011: 162 books
  • 2012: 221 books (I blame Good Reads)
  • 2013: ...no idea if I'll hit 50 let alone 100 - am totally back to reading fanfic *facepalm*
[006] I am in withdrawal. I MISS COMMUNITY. I want Teen Wolf NOW. Why are there no new episodes of Game of Thrones? Argh, argh, argh. There's not enough Modern Family to stave off the cravings though I've resorted to netflixing old seasons of Stargate SG-1 for now.

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