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96 Recs - Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf)- Part IV

So I've plumbed the depths of AO3 and read the ficlets and PWPs and WIPs of note and come forth with the remaining Derek/Stiles recs :D There are even a couple of art recs \o/ I've tried to mark faves with ♥ but TBH I read so many damn ficlets that it's all a rollercoaster of teen hormones and pack dynamics. And really, 66 of these recs are less than 10k in length so they're superfast reads, especially when marathoning them as ebooks on your phone. Never thought I'd actually appreciate hour long transits to work!

Note: I make no excuses for any recs marked PWP since my kinks have kinda...grown and mutated (coughcoughknottingcoughcough, finger fucking, porn!stars, autofellatio, oral fixations, they're cats/dogs/wolves/foxes, etc.) *hides under rock* OMG this is the first fandom where I've actually not been too averse to the mpreg warning t (at least until I've consumed most of the other fic available) - I don't think I've actually recced any yet though...

I'm glad I signed up for an account on AO3 since the subscriptions feature makes it so much easier to track fics and authors.

Now that I've gone through most of the ficcage, am probably going to return to published fantasy novels for a bit - though I admit my goodread 2013 Reading Challenge is entirely Sterek at the moment *facepalm*

Art Recs

Art for ‘Actual Puppy Derek Hale’ (ART) by puddled ~ Gen | words

That's It (ART) by Rahciach ~ Teen+ | words

Fic Recs

With A Little Christmas Magic by AceLotti ~ Teen+ | 10669 words
Stiles is jobless this Christmas and as a last resort, is stuck playing one of Santa’s elves at the mall. The job is a bust, and Stiles isn’t really in the Christmas mood, until he finds salvation in the Starbucks at the food court, not only in hiding from kids, but in one very sexy barista named Derek.

I Walked with You Once Upon a Dream by afullrevolution ~ Teen+ | 8797 words
Stiles has already seen his future and is confused about his past (it's all a bit like dreaming). Scott is just trying to help and Derek doesn't know what is going on, but is more than willing to go with it.

Werewolf Love Songs, Vol. 1 by aggybird ~ Explicit | 37158 words
Peter decides to use the power of Barry Manilow's music to make Stiles and Derek fall in love. Meanwhile, there are monsters and stuff, and Stiles and Derek are stupid.
Note:Crack XD

Turn It Around (PWP) by akadougal ~ Explicit | 2811 words
Stiles knows he's in deep trouble when Sergeant Hale is the one left to discipline him. It takes him some time to learn just how deep.

Must Be This Tall To Ride (PWP) by alchemy ~ Explicit | 3760 words
“I love Ferris wheels, you’re afraid of heights. I’m happy, you face your irrational fear. It’s a win-win.”

Little Red Riding Hood (you sure are looking good) (PWP) by aohatsu ~ Explicit | 10216 words
Stiles hangs out with werewolves. Stiles dresses up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. It's supposed to be ironic.

Red Velvet by arrowofcarnations ~ Teen+ | 7690 words
Stiles is pretty used to people coming to visit him at Sweet Stuff when he's baking. It's only when Isaac starts bringing along one Derek Hale that things start to get really interesting.

Dashing Through the Snow by artenon ~ Gen | 1707 words
The AU where Derek and the others are wolves, and Stiles is the hyperactive Jack Russell Terrier that bothers them. And whom Derek is secretly fond of.

steal some covers, share some skin by avidlie ~ Teen+ | 1056 words
Derek gets impossibly cuddly, adorable and utterly idiotic after he comes. Like a puppy. Stiles. . .is confused.
Note:Cuddly-post-coital Derek

Two Years (PWP) by blacktofade ~ Explicit | 2996 words
Stiles is eighteen when the eyes start watching him.

Shifting Gears (PWP) by blue_rocket_frost ~ Explicit | 4251 words
Stiles and Derek have sex in the jeep. Stiles gets an idea.

Call Boys Need Love Too by Brego_Mellon_Nin ~ Explicit | 20339 words
Stiles pulls up in front of a big, old house, where the back half is still looking charred and burnt. It gives the whole place a sort of depressed and haunted feel, but well, Stiles is here for a job, so he ignores it and slams the door on his old jeep, trying not to acknowledge how decrepit it looks right beside the guy’s sleek black camaro, and makes his way towards the steps leading up to the porch. He barely manages to knock before the door is ripped open and there, in the door, stands the most gorgeous guy Stiles thinks he’s ever seen. He’s like a whole other level of hot, so much that he should be in the freaking Guinness Book of Records for most gorgeous face and perfect stubble ever!
Note:Super smutty!romance

Stiles' Oral Fixation (PWP) by brisingrdraumar, jadecorpsebride ~ Explicit | 3045 words
Derek should be worried about his newfound obsession with all things related to Stiles' mouth, and the objects that go in and/or around it.

There Has to be a Sexual Harassment Clause for That (PWP) by CharacterDevelopment ~ Explicit | 4144 words
The one in which Lydia and Erica make Stiles wear tight jeans and Derek's head hurts.

Endless Beings (PWP) by citrusbee (ziusura) ~ Explicit | 8800 words
Laura wasn't answering her phone, but that didn't really surprise Derek since the whole reason he was even covering for her on her babysitting job was so she could have a night free of interruptions for her date. Well really it was so she wouldn't spill the beans to his boss about what he was really doing last saturday, but that wasn't important. What was important was the the guy he was babysitting had just hit his first heat and Derek had no idea what to do. (Stiles is 16)

Sorry. Couldn't write. Werewolves. by coffeebuddha, rispacooper ~ Mature | 4844 words
Stiles writes fanfiction for an online RPG community where he battles monsters. Writing brings out all these FEELINGS.

Maybe a hundred times before (PWP) by coffeeinallcaps ~ Explicit | 3726 words
The first time it happened was after a movie night at Derek’s.

Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah) (PWP) by ConstantComment ~ Explicit | 2495 words
The one where Stiles and Derek meet while doing gay porn this one time to for some serious cash. Stuff happens that shouldn't, but it's okay because there are [multiple] happy endings.

AI Designation: Derek by elandrialore ~ Gen | 736 words
There’s no way Stiles could know it’s him. Stiles had never been a part of the hardware build, he was merely a programmer, and five out of the eleven programs had been designated male.

First, Last, and All (PWP) by elandrialore ~ Explicit | 1933 words
Prompt: I want Derek/Stiles brother fic (okay with the boys being half or step-brothers too) where they're both "normal" until Derek goes to college, gets turned into a werewolf, and is DRIVEN to get home to claim his sweet little brother (STIIIILES) 'cause maybe their Dad died when they were young and Derek's always thought of Stiles as HIS, but it wasn't weird/creepy until he was turned.

Offscript (PWP) by elandrialore ~ Explicit | 4313 words
prompt: Stiles doing one of those films that have college age boys jerking off for extra cash and Derek ends up as his cameraman. I couldn't find the prompt again, but it stuck with me so this is my fill for that.

I Could Find My Way Back by entanglednow ~ Mature | 6250 words
What's the worst that could happen?
Note:One way Empathic!Bonding

I Forgot All The Rules Today (PWP) by entanglednow ~ Explicit | 3159 words
One of them is probably going to die before Stiles reaches eighteen anyway.

It Was All An Accident (PWP) by entanglednow ~ Mature | 3680 words
He's sure that some complicated law of physics is in danger of being broken here. Something about two things being incapable of occupying the same space at the same time.

Stuck On You ('Til the End of Time) (PWP) by espionage (LouLa) ~ Explicit | 4659 words
Stiles isn't all that inclined to give Derek what he wants most of the time, it just so happens that occasionally their wants overlap.

A Wildness Warily Awakened by Etharei ~ Explicit | 64511 words
Derek Hale and his Specialized Combat Agents Unit are assigned to B-CON Base, a research facility in the heart of the lone human settlement on planet Cali. Normally, such an isolated place would not warrant the presence of Specs - the Infection is raging across the known galaxy, after all, and zombies don’t kill themselves (unless there are no tastier alternatives at hand) - but Derek is on a private hunt for his sister. He soon discovers that the rest of his team have ties to the place as well. It’s all just coincidence, of course. (No matter what Stiles bleats on about those.) Also, zombies.
Note: Good world building, and liked to despite my aversion to zombie-esque tropes

Damage (WIP) by evelett ~ Unrated | 9819 words
Rule number one of Beacon Hills High is don’t fuck with Derek Hale. Those who don’t follow the rule end up in the hospital. No joke. Last year Greenberg accidentally beaned Derek with a ball in lacrosse practice and the dude spent three months in a wheelchair. When you fail to follow rule number one see rule number two, ie. flee for your life you stupid bastard.

Rhythm in the Beat of Your Drums by fiarra ~ Teen+ | 7754 words
Second year graduate student Derek Hale just wants to pass his qualifying exam and avoid undergrads. He wasn't expecting his new neighbors' cover band, or Stiles. He definitely wasn't expecting Stiles.

Real Vampires Are Not Disco Balls by Footloose ~ Explicit | 15643 words
Despite Derek's insistence to the contrary, vampires do exist. And one of them is snacking on the good people -- should that be the tasty people? -- of Beacon Hills.

Mucky Pup (PWP) by Fr333bird ~ Explicit | 4367 words
Derek disapproves of Stiles’ baggy boxers so he takes him underwear shopping.

Between the Drinks (and Subtle Things) (Morning After PWP) by GoforthAndConquer ~ Mature | 3426 words
He remembered this feeling. This is what being hungover felt like.

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? by goodnight_tinyhumans ~ Teen+ | 1532 words
Stiles might be a little sick of unrequited feelings or lust or whatever. The situation with Derek- Deputy Hale, he has to keep reminding himself, because he’s never actually told Stiles his name and that’s getting into creeper territory pretty quickly- has gone past the merely-wanting-to-jump-his-bones stage and well into die-hard-crush, complete with inappropriate fantasies involving handcuffs and roleplaying. And the problem with that, of course, is that he tends to resolve situations like these one of two ways: going out and getting drunk, or staying home and getting drunk.

lettin' your worries pass you by (PWP) by HalfFizzbin ~ Explicit | 2086 words
In which Derek fails at loving himself, and Stiles accidentally becomes his guru.

Fire Beneath My Skin (PWP) by happyevraftr ~ Explicit | 5997 words
Omegaverse of sorts. Stiles is a rare find- one of the few Omega males left in the world. It’s never been a problem before, but now there’s werewolves around and he’s about to go into Heat. Chaos ensues when Derek shows up at his window unexpected.

hope i may one night stand a chance by harlequin421 ~ Teen+ | 5992 words
Derek let his fork drop on the plate, “Have you ever picked up a guy at a bar only to have him cry all over you and then sleep in your bed and then make you breakfast the next morning as an apology for crying the night before?” Laura looked like she was trying not to laugh, “Oh, honey. First of all, no, because I am a lesbian and I don’t pick up guys ever. Second of all, why did he start crying? Did he see the size of your dick and cry because it wasn’t big enough. Did it hurt your manly ego?”

And Here In The Weeds (WIP) by haynnes ~ Teen+ | 12320 words
In which Stiles runs his very own gardening business and has agreed to take on the challenge of a lifetime with the Shephard's hideously overgrown back yard. Scott hires the scariest team ever (possible pyro included) to work on the job and Stiles is totally, ridiculously in over his head. Especially when you take into consideration rouge thorn bushes and Derek Hale wondering around shirtless when it's January.

Werewolves Gone Wild! (PWP) by hellafab ~ Mature | 3469 words
Pornstar Derek Hale (aka Adrian Alpha) has had a mostly successful career in front of the camera, although most people chalk it up to his Grecian bod. However, lately his career has been going flaccid and he and his manager, Erica, brainstorm on how to get it up again. When a blossoming alternative porn company offer a video with their shining young star, Little Red, Derek can't refuse.

Allegory of the Cave by hellomorningzoo ~ Teen+ | 2831 words
Having a vampire for a best friend isn't nearly as cool as some eighties movies would have you believe. There are definitely perks though. Sexy perks.
Note:What if it was Teen Vamp instead of Teen Wolf? Food for thought and makes you appreciate the TPTB

good love, good night by hito ~ Explicit | 36922 words
Stiles thinks it's lust at first sight when Lydia Martin sashays into his dinky little office with the case of her missing fiancé, but he isn't expecting the investigation to lead him to Derek Hale, who is searching for his missing sister, or to discover that something about Derek makes Stiles put all thoughts of the lovely Lydia aside. As the case progresses, he becomes as intrigued with the mysterious man as he is wary of him.

I'm Usually a Lover, Not a Fighter (WIP) by hologramophone ~ Teen+ | 12261 words
In which Derek is jealous of his dog, and Stiles makes more friends than arrests.
Note: Officer!Stiles

(You Drive Me) Crazy by I_glitterz ~ Explicit | 5631 words
When he catches Stiles looking at him, his lip quirks up the tiniest bit and Stiles’ insides melt as his heart starts to race. A blush spreads across his face and he looks back at Scott’s love struck face when he catches Allison walking into her classroom. He’s pretty sure he’s just as gone on Derek as Scott is on Allison, but at least Scott has a fat chance in hell with Allison.

You Can Cry Wolf, But Stop Running by iamursforevrmre ~ Explicit | 16615 words
Derek Hale is the third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Stiles doesn’t know why he has an apparent thing for third basemen and he has no clue why he’s even watching the Dodgers. He’s a Mets fan.

When Panic Sets In by jettiebettie ~ Teen+ | 4789 words
Being a sheriff's kid, Stiles had seen and heard a lot about the crazy things drugs did to people. His classmates got Dymo the Drug Buster Dog and nifty D.A.R.E. keychains. He got graphic pictures of meth addicts' teeth and primary testimonies from former heroin users and a new set of nightmares to go along with them. During one of his many late night insomnia-induced Wikipedia binges, he cataloged and crossed referenced effects of cocaine, Ecstasy, and a number of other commonly abused substances. All very interesting, all very scary. And he certainly knows what it's like to be under the influence of wolfsbane (the horrible, horrible influence). The point is, Stiles feels he has a good grasp on the concept of “tripping balls,” given to him by both extensive research and limited experience. And right now he is definitely tripping balls.

Sleepover (PWP) by jjtaylor ~ Mature | 3079 words
Because, ok, it's Derek. Maybe Stiles accidentally fell for a grumpy werewolf after they keep saving each others' lives so often that he lost count, but Derek doesn't do anything accidentally.

Pussy Galore by kalpurna ~ Teen+ | 4464 words
Derek gets turned into a cat. Stiles learns to be a cat person.

Stakeout by khasael ~ Mature | 2643 words
Forced to spend an evening stuck in a car, out in the middle of nowhere, with no one but Derek Hale for company, Stiles is just glad he thought to bring provisions.

The Right Motivation Is All Need by KittyBits ~ Explicit | 11126 words
Stiles was the teacher. Derek was the student.And Stiles just really, really wanted to rip off all of Derek's clothes and lick off that horribly sexy scowl.He didn't though, because he was a teacher and responsible and proper. But then Laura asked for his help with Derek and there was no way this could end anyway but badly.

waiting for you to say it first by korynnvictoria ~ Teen+ | 8215 words
Four months. Four months they’ve managed to avoid one another. Stiles quit going to pack meetings. He quit doing research unless Scott really, really begged him to. He avoided driving the road that led out to the turnoff to the Hale house, he avoided going to all the spots where Derek might possibly be. Four months, and now, here they are, standing in the Minit Mart, Stiles thinks, staring down at the grimy tiles. He can hear the catch of Derek’s breath, and he closes his eyes and breathes deep.

Cry Havoc by ladyblahblah ~ Explicit | 62308 words
In Beacon Hills, the two-year war that’s been raging between werewolves and hunters has begun spilling over onto the civilian population. Meanwhile, in Boston, when the tattoo on Stiles Stilinski’s back is damaged on a late-night hunt he begins to have dreams that lead him across the country, drawn by an inexplicable conviction that he’s needed there. When he discovers that Derek Hale began the war after his mate was killed, Stiles finds himself being offered a strange deal: figure out how to bring the alpha's mate back, and peace talks can begin.

As the Story Goes (PWP) by lavvyan ~ Mature | 1909 words
(In which Stiles plays the Grandmother and Derek devours him. Sort of.)

you needed it (he tasted you inside out) by littleredcup ~ Mature | 6101 words
The summer before Stiles starts high school, his Dad remarries and Stiles gets a whole new family.

Tell Me What I Said I'd Never Do by Loz ~ Explicit | 2638 words
This isn’t hate sex, because if it were about hate, that would mean he cared. It’s apathy sex.

Shot Through The Heart by LunaCanisLupus_22 ~ Explicit | 48670 words
All they've given him is the guy’s head shot. And it’s terrible because now he is ridding the world of one more ridiculously attractive, instant pants dropping- take me now, if you please- regulation hottie. Even if he has a scowl to rival Kirsten Stewart.

Silver (vibrator) Bullet (PWP) by maudit_maestro ~ Explicit | 2647 words
The one where Stiles makes amateur porn, and of course, a certain alpha finds out about it.

A soul fractured to the bone (searching for someone who can make you whole) (PWP, Derek/Stiles/Derek) by MemeKon ~ Explicit | 7163 words
They will need a link. A nexus to help them fix the broken bond between instinct and reason. Someone who both sides trust and have a connection with. Is there anyone who the wolf has shown a particular attachment to, Stiles? Or even someone whom he lets near it?” There is.

The Time Travelling Werewolf's Confused Spirit Guide by miscellea ~ Gen | 4832 words
Normally you don’t imagine yourself as living in the dystopian future that hapless time travelers accidentally stumble into.

beware the howling woods by Muffintine ~ Mature | 22750 words
The light-wielder stomps forward and Stiles finds himself with a face full of very hot, very angry park ranger. He has a moment to thank the heavens he's not being mugged before said ranger speaks. "What do you think you're doing," he growls, seriously growls, at him. "Um," Stiles starts, blinking rapidly as blotches of light dance in front of his eyes. "I was taking a leak?"

Mǣnōn (PWP) by MyBeth ~ Explicit | 9237 words
Knotting. It’s a thing that exists. Like werewolves and weird lizard creatures. It’s just rated NC-17 so you don’t hear about it so much on TV. It exists and he gets it. Stiles. He’s the one that gets it.

Reading Stiles (PWP) by MyUniversalWorld ~ Gen | 11436 words
In which the mysterious Derek Hale, king of Beacon Hills High, has a crush on the incredibly spastic Stiles Stilinski.

Little Blue Dress (PWP) by olavina ~ Explicit | 5006 words
Stiles attracts a nighttime visitor when he borrows blue eye shadow from Lydia, and what started as an experiment becomes a multi-act performance.

Heartlines by otter ~ Mature | 7561 words
The thing was, as much as Derek believed in Stiles, with every fiber of his being, he didn’t honestly believe that things would turn out as well as Stiles seemed to think they would.

The Pros and Cons of Simulated Love by owlpostagain ~ Teen+ | 3688 words
And with that Stiles' slightly-creepy-still-mostly-just-amusing afternoon (and night) came to a dramatic, screeching halt. Because no absolutely not NO was Stiles allowed to be attracted to a stupid, pixelated avatar that was slightly influenced by Derek Hale's character. No.
Note:Stiles creates The Sims versions of everyone

How the Hale/Stilinski Bunch Happened by peacensafety ~ Teen+ | 13219 words
Stiles returns home after his wife dies in New York. His kids are demon spawn, but not in the literal sense. Fortunately, the son of his dad's old friends knows exactly what that's like.

Ulula cum lupis, cum quibus esse cupis by Pistol ~ Unrated | 2223 words
It's not a reward, Deaton had told Stiles when they were finally alone, "it's not a superpower or luck. It's a punishment."
Note:Stiles cannot be killed (permanently)

Father Knows Best by Pookaseraph ~ Teen+ | 5984 words
Sheriff Stilinski has finally figured out the cause of the rift between them: his son's gay, and he's effectively cut that line of communication. Being the good father that he is, he tries to make sure Stiles knows that he can tell him anything, especially about Derek Hale. Their wires seem to have gotten crossed somewhere.

Definitely a Thing (PWP) by Reia ~ Explicit | 4126 words
Scott gets bitten by a werewolf, of all things, and Stiles has a short, fleeting thought of 'Wonder if he has a knot now' before his world goes topsy-turvy and all he can think about is survival.

[Sleep]Walking After You by relenafanel ~ Mature | 56551 words
Derek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour’s bedroom. Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy’s really fine ass. Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he's sleeping.

It's Called a Heart Boner by RemainNameless ~ Mature | 26784 words
In which everyone and everything ever in the history of the world is trying to ruin Derek's life before he can finish his master's, especially his evil twin sister, his weird ability to start relationships on accident, his best friend's obsession with his sex life, people with dimples, his subsequent inability to end relationships, manipulative sorority queens, and oh yeah, that stupid drunk ass freshman he keeps running into.

Kiss it Better by rhymeswithmonth ~ Gen | 13795 words
AU where Stiles and Derek were best friends before the fire. Stiles deals with Derek's four-year disappearance and the events that lead to their reunion. Stiles didn't know about the Hales being werewolves.

A Flooring Romance by rlnerdgirl ~ Gen | 10247 words
After being steamrolled by some rough and vindictive career competition, Derek is finally getting back on his feet when he and his sister purchase Hale's Hardwood, their very own hardwood flooring shop. To Derek's dismay, some eccentric guy, who goes by Stiles and has a buzz that makes him look ridiculous and far younger than he has to be, opens up a tile shop right across the way.

all the stars are coming out tonight by rories ~ Teen+ | 1425 words
Stiles is star. Not like, a movie star, a literal star. He'd lost his glow for a little bit, but with a little help, he gets it back.

A High, Rapturous Song (PWP) by Saucery ~ Explicit | 1920 words
Derek is a headmaster. Stiles is his favorite delinquent.

Easy Rider (PWP) by Saucery ~ Explicit | 1522 words
There's nothing easy about it, actually.

Knotting Hill by Saucery ~ Mature | 871 words
It had to be done
Note:NOT a movie fusion

Spring Fever (PWP) by Saucery ~ Explicit | 2139 words
He can't stop purring. Also, he's walking around with a hard-on. Awkward.

White Blank Page by sonsandmumford ~ Teen+ | 10709 words
Stiles finally gets his big break while writing for The Beacon, the high school's newspaper. His first (and probably only) chance at getting on the front page is to write an article about the captain of the lacrosse team, Derek Hale.

Sweet Tooth by Spikedluv ~ Explicit | 24866 words
Derek Hale had returned to Beacon Hills and the ice cream place was reopening. “Best. Day. Ever,” Stiles told Scott.

you turned around and stole my heart by spock_flavored ~ Teen+ | 2468 words
College baseball AU. What even is Stiles' life.

Squared Away by Suaine ~ Teen+ | 15809 words
Alpha LT Derek Hale gets a promotion, a pack, and a mission. Stiles is a complication.
Note:A Mulan/GI Jane/Starship Troopers mashup. With werewolves.

Back to Beacon Hills by surrenderdammit ~ Explicit | 10496 words
Stiles is a born werefox, returning to Beacon Hills with the hopes of starting over and finding some sort of home again. Maybe he can finally stay in one place long enough for his scent to catch.

Abracadabra by swing_set13 ~ Teen+ | 7215 words
Stiles pulls a Sabrina. With unexpected results.

Portions for Foxes by swing_set13 ~ Teen+ | 1142 words
prompt: Stiles doesn't really remember Derek Hale that well; he graduated when Stiles was a freshman. Word is, he's come back home from college for break. Stiles doesn't really get what the big deal is, but all the girls at school (including his future wife Lydia) are going ga-ga over this guy. What is up with girls and the James Dean types, Stiles will never know. All the other guys in Stiles' class are getting pissed off too, and Stiles figures he should tell Derek to back off for the greater good. Derek agrees, but now Stiles seems to have caught his eye. Stiles, to his own horror, might actually be okay with this

Pretty Handsome Awkward (WIP) by swing_set13 ~ Unrated | 2101 words
College is weird. Especially when you're supposedly dating the big man on campus. This was never covered in orientation.

Take A Chance On Me by swing_set13 ~ Gen | 508 words
Life's a beach. (Derek would disagree.)
Note:Marvel-verse fusion

Build an Ivory Tower (PWP) by teot ~ Explicit | 8339 words
Stiles didn’t know how Derek sleeping on his floor developed into sleeping in his bed, or how cuddling ended up turning into Derek humping his ass. He didn’t agree to being knotted in the school locker room, either. But what can you do when Derek Hale wants something? He’s the Alpha, after all.

Chaos Theory (PWP) by the_deep_magic ~ Explicit | 1838 words
It starts with a butterfly…probably. That’s Stiles’ best theory.

A Fool for Fire (WIP) by thebatwiggler ~ Explicit | 22531 words
Stiles and Derek see their relationship in two very different ways.
Note: OMG, total HURT/Comfort without much of the latter yet.

It Is A Boring Song by thefarofixer ~ Unrated | 2308 words
“So I haven’t seen you around here before,” Stiles says, casually stretching out in the sun, his arms out on either side of him, hovering in the air. It reminds Derek of driving through New York state once with Laura when she was visiting colleges and they’d seen half a dozen vultures balanced on bales of hay, their wings outstretched to catch the early morning sun.

Peace and Quiet by thelittlestwolf ~ Unrated | 7653 words
All Derek wanted was some coffee and a little peace and quiet. Instead he found hot chocolate and the endless, yet witty banter of one Stiles Stilinski.

A Mating Moon by unpossible ~ Explicit | 37355 words
“Hey, Scott, so, I uh, there’s this amazingly hot guy and I’m uh, gonna spend the weekend with him but, you know, just to be careful, I’m sending you his picture, so if by some terrible chance my bloated corpse shows up sometime Monday, just, y’know pass this along to the authorities.” He pauses. “Uh. Kidding?” and then hangs up with a rush of air.
“That is the worst voicemail in the history of voicemails,” Derek says.

live a little louder, sleep a little sounder by vlieger ~ Explicit | 3659 words
Stiles opens his mouth, but doesn't actually say anything. Derek…well, he does look tired, but he always does, that's nothing new. Stiles has always privately thought that the dude needs to get some proper, uninterrupted sleep, maybe, or take up yoga, start meditating-- anything to blur away the pretty much permanent, etched-in shadows under his eyes, to fill out his hollow-looking cheeks, so at odds with the heavily-muscled, carefully-honed rest of him. He just never thought Derek would actually admit to it, much less do anything about it.

Sexual Gratification Coming Right Up, Sir (PWP) by wednesday_d ~ Explicit | 5189 words
Stiles has learned two things in his short but decidedly adventurous life. One, being a teenager sucks ass if you can't even jerk off. Two, being Bruce Wayne is not nearly as cool as it sounds if your appointed Alfred refuses to do what you tell him to. Somehow, though, he still manages to get off in the end.

Macchiato by wiski ~ Gen | 12107 words
Derek has a trying day of work at the café. Lucky for him, Stiles is here to make it all better (or to mess it up even more; depends on how you look at it, really).

Gravity's Got Nothing on You by zosofi ~ Explicit | 83980 words
“How much,” Stiles asks, “are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after.“
“My family thinks you’re some sort of fucking gift to the world,” Derek seethes, like he’s jealous, “they’ll probably be pissed at me when we break it off, so don’t worry about that. Five hundred bucks.”
“A thousand,” Stiles says, because screw ethics. Also, the Hale family is loaded. Derek can deal.
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  • 33 TW Recs: Derek/Stiles Part III

    As much as I loathe a hiatus, when its periodic like with Harry Potter and Teen Wolf, it gives fandom a chance to give into the cravings and…

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