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Supernatural...and a bit o' smallville XD

So I'm watching Smallville, and god, Chloe is just *briliant*. Umm, yes that's not SPN but I need to tune in early for it, non? And Lana as a blackmailing bitch is actually the best thing to happen to her character in like, ever. Back to Chloe- so very squeetastic- and when Allison and Tom are together in a scene, they just shine so very much *___* I do think TM's acting has improved due to AM and MR. I'm aware that the fandom is primarily slash oriented, but if I could find a Clark/Chloe/Lex fic *heart palpitations* I like these past two seasons of Chloe as much as the very first season which I think was the best- simply 'cause of the potential it had.

Supernatural Ep. 3 commentary ^__^

Why is it that whenever a girl says she likes a guy as a friend...the guy probably wishes it were more than that?

Yup, it's that easy to crash.

Yes, Dean is *not* a people person XD Awkward smalltalk indeed.

DOG TAGS. I want some. Gimme.

For Dean, this just hits way too close to home. Oye, what's up with the tree? Hey, funky circle. Wait, omg, that's a grave site??? 'Kay, now its creepy.

Dean looks damn good in blue.

So. Much. Angst. I thought they didn't do chick flick moments? Its understandable and all but I do wonder about the guys watching the show...

Ghost scene not too freaky yet.

Boy, Dean's quite stubborn. To go snooping without Sam >__> Hmm.

Alan Stanwick *snort*

Great, great, great. LMAO. Oh god, I feel evil - the poor girl's mourning and I can't stop snickering.

Yes who *does* slash their own throats?

Bingo. We have our monster of the week.

Oh. My. God. Day time soaps. LOL.

Jumpstart the healing? *snicker*

Ew. Ripe, rotting body. Just. Eww.

They sure do dig nice rectangular graves.

Oh, so *this* is the episode with a zombie. She looks mighty nice for a zombie though >__> Half of us probably wish me were zombies <__<


Watch Dean stalk.Ooooh.  Oh god, I need another Dean Show comic. Watch Sam do the girl talk, watch Dean do the whup ass bad mojo. Watch things get pulverised. Perfect.

Nice girls scare me. No one is that nice damnit. Oh god, no. No zombie!sex please. I wonder if wannabe!boyfriend is panicking yet.

I don't think its him though -I think its her roomie. Thought there was some lesbian love going on there...But I'm just saying. Or perhaps her roomie slept with her ex-boyfriend?

Ah, yes. If someone like me can figure out the plot, then its not much of a plot. But its still fun to watch.

Wow, cat fight. Run, idiot RUN SHE'S NOT DEAD. Okay, you were a nice character - if a bit pathetic- while you lasted.

Ah, silver bullets. Nifty.

Hmm, so it *was* the wannabe!boyfriend.

That "don't make her mad bit"? Best part of the episode yet.

Oh he is so dead. So very dead. Its like the pilot/first episode all over again. Though this girl is definitely less messy. Reminds me of Angel when he was evil in BtVS with Jennifer Candle -that neck snap.

Oh yeah, Sam breaks his hand/wrist here right?

Oh god, that shot to the head and IT DIDN'T MATTER.

Wait. A stake and she's done for? Umm, a bit anti-climatic o__O

"What's dead should stay dead" *flails* The line isn't much really, but the way Jensen says it

"For good this time ok?" lol.

Yes a good demon killing still doesn't get rid of the actual angst.

*whimper* Dean's face.

I need a wallpaper of the two sitting there, on the car.

Oh god. Dean. Fuck. Dean.

"I was dead. I should have stayed dead" So much LOVE.

*still all whimpery*

ETA: So it was *PORN* and not daytime soaps? OMG, need to watch that scene again. Is it out on YouTube yet?

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