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Heroes Ep 5

Was it just me or was this episode way too short?

I just need a moment to savour this one more time.

"Save the cheerleader; save the world."


Heroes is actually a rather serious show - the funniest parts are thrown to Hiro but this time, Peter got to share in that spotlight. Him going around muttering about "the cheerleader" as the answer to everything cracked me up like hell.

*deep calming breaths*

Moving on from that little treat, I was kind of annoyed that the opening commentator spoiled us on Nathan being kidnapped. Though OMG! Nathan is Super!fast in the air. Which seems like the coolest thing about him at the moment.

Was definitely glad to see Claire's ex in the hospital ( I KNEW it) and totally freaked out. Not to mention Claire's daddy having a mindwipe done. In fact, the more I see of him, the less I think the man is Evil. He seems like a part of a secret organization that's got its own agenda in regards to Super!people. Perhaps trying to find Sylar themselves?

I couldn't believe how much Peter's powers remind me of X-Men Evolution's Rogue (without the nasty life sucking side effects). She could absorb powers and usually had even BETTER control of them than the mutants who originally had them. The same applies to Peter - he didn't need to get high to access Isaac's gifts.

And that peek into next week's episode? Nikki's hubby looks like he can phase through solid objects- like X-Men's Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat. I really want to see what Micha's powers are now.

And yes, telepaths *would* make awesome lovers.

Honestly, I wasn't sad to see Mohinder gone this episode. His character is simply not progressing like the others. And the lack of his female sidekick and Simone Devereux was wonderful. I think I'm *this* close to Peter/Isaac being my OTP.

Oh and the end where Peter's and Hiro's roles reversed - quality cheese. I love this show.

Why, why, why is the next episode in a WEEK?!!
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