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Rec50 Challenge Table: Harry Potter - Harry/Draco

When I find H/D fics that make me squee, I just want to spread the love. This becomes especially important when a fandom gets so big that quality fics are missed out on.

For once though, rather than reading and reccing, I wanted to try rec50 - finding the most suitable fics for the prompts specified. I'm sure several of the prompts will have me zeroing in on the Perfect Fic immediately - others will probably need more searching. In any case, I should hopefully be able to do a daily rec so its done by the 8 week deadline.

Expect the first rec on Wednesday :)

01.First Time. 02.AU. 03.Angst. 04.Fluff. 05.Sex.
06.Anger. 07.Love. 08.Friendship. 09.Hurt/Comfort. 10.Fandom Cliche.
11.Character Study. 12.Humor. 13.Established Relationship. 14.Loss. 15.Crack!Fic.
16.Teamwork. 17.Jealousy. 18.Light. 19.Dark. 20.Fight.
21.Epiphany. 22.UST. 23.Time. 24.Future Fic. 25.Kink.
26.Death. 27.Beginnings. 28.Dream. 29.Intoxication. 30.Seduction.
31.Discovery. 32.Secrets. 33.Crossover. 34.Vacation. 35.Threesome.
36.Family. 37.Make-up. 38.Kiss. 39.Break-up. 40.Confession.
41.Guilt. 42.Holiday. 43.Denial. 44.Endings. 45.Taste.
46.Reccer's Choice 47.Reccer's Choice 48.Reccer's Choice 49.Reccer's Choice 50.Reccer's Choice

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