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Rec50 - H/D Recs!

[rec prompt #46 - therapy | reccer's choice ]
From the Patient Files of S. Freud and C. Jung by hackthis
Reccer's notes:
Read the highly classified files of Ministry psychoanalysts as they counsel several characters, including Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter. This fic is crack at its best - fabulous writing with tongue-in-cheek comments and a couple of plot twists. The two original characters act as the reader's eyes, providing a delicious sense of humor while at the same time leaving the center stage free for our favorite characters to shag act on.

[rec prompt #40 - confession ]
Confession Is Good For the Soul by Anna Fugazzi
Reccer's notes: Firstly, I just want to point out that despite Harry and Draco being Healers, this is NOT a crack fic. Clear? Good. Let's move on. In this fic, Harry falls victim to a strange curse and Draco attempts to cure him with an even more unique remedy (oh and get your mind out of the gutter, it is not sex therapy.)

These days I have this craving for fics where our boys are no longer hormonal teenagers, but perhaps 20/25 year olds- and hopefully a bit mellow. I got exactly what I wanted since both characters in Confession Is Good For the Soul, are older and more grounded.

Also, It is the rare, gifted author who is able to not only use unusual plot devices and keeping the characters 'real' but also tell a simply fantastic story. annafugazzi does just that with her most recent H/D fic. So I rec it with definite satisfaction.

[rec prompt #33 - crossover]
The Frustration of the Aja Sue by Lasair
Reccer's notes: This is a cracktastic parody of those god awful fanfics where authors would write themselves in as characters (self insertion).
The fic itself was a birthday gift for bookshop. In it Aja plays matchmaker is a devious mastermind, determined to get Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy together - you know, what every H/D fangirl wants. Had me snickering through the entire story.

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