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Heroes :)

When it comes to powers, ever since I read X-Men comics, it came down to super speed, phasing or being able to 'work' electronics. Watching Micah use that Out-of-Order phone was beyond brilliant. He's got the best powers in Heroes, period.

Watching Hiro and Micah et all meet up and part had me squeeing- I can't believe Hiro keeps meeting up with everyone. He really seems like the central character in the core group (though that could be debated).

A sibling who staples his sister's hand? Way mean. *hugs her sister* Other families are freaky.

Why did Nathan lie about the painting? And what on earth did Peter's dream mean?

The one thing that bugged me was Mohinder's voice over- his voice at the end was just a bit too jarring.

But that preview for next week- the bit with India, Isaac, Claire's dad - oye, I cannot wait. 
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