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The Opera browser

Everyone needs a second, alternative browser. You know, for when that one site you have to visit, simply refuses to load. But then you realise you just need to open it up in your *other* browser to get it to work.

I myself use Opera and Firefox. Firefox is primarily for flash content such as YouTube and for basic web developer tools. Opera is for mail, newsfeeds and browsing (especially research for when I open 50+ tabs).

Looking at visitors to my lj, I notice most people use either IE or Firefox. I'd like to ask y'all to give Opera a try. No, I'm not telling you to switch. I'm just telling you, here's Opera, check it out. It's free, it's highly recommended as you can see here and here and it passes the Acid2 test with flying colors.

Going here will let you get Opera to look exactly like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Konquerer or Camino. You could even give the Emil skin a try for a classy and professional new browser look.

The coolest thing about Opera is that its feature rich and yet, still a small download. More often than not, whatever you need to do, is only a few clicks away. For newbies 30 Days to becoming an Opera Lover is one of the best in-depth guides on features and how-tos.

Yeah, that's about it for now :)
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