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Extend your paid LJ time + MS Office 2007

Firstly, a note to pimp the one week extension available to paid account users - it's compensation for the black out last week.

And I just managed to install Microsoft Office 2007.

SUCH. SHININESS. *is blinded*

I "acquired" the program from the usual area though it needed the Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 and Alcohol 120% to work. The Service Pack almost completely crashed my computer 4 times before I got it to install correctly. Took an entire day. And now, looking at the pretty new software bundle... *drool*

I can't wait to check out all the new nifty things- say what you will about Microsoft, they're Office package is damn useful. And now it looks just as good as standard Mac software XD

P.S- OMG, we can change the skin to the color BLACK. It's so gorgeous. Though I guess its meant to accompany the Windows Vista OS in January...

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