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Down memory lane...

Ah, spent the evening unwinding by returning to Gundam Wing fanfiction. Its been ever so long - though I have to admit, I was never really active in the GW fandom. I was one of those lurking shippers that authors always wonder about and wish would respond wih *some* feedback.

Though one thing to note is that it was GW fanfiction that made me sign up for an LJ account in Dec 2004. Who'd have thought, two years later, I'd still be here and not actively lurking?

Ah, but 1x2 fics are awesome. They just make me grin - particularly this fic by merith. While I like Harry/Draco for the rivalry/friction, Wincest for the closeness and 20something hotness, 1x2 is probably the representation of how slash just *works*. The raport between Heero and Duo- as partners, friends and lovers- I haven't really seen anything like it in other fandoms and pairings. It's real beyond the wishful thinking that most of us need when we go through fandom canon. Not to mention the GW fandom has *quite* a few fics to keep one occupied for weeks.

I think its time to reread old favorites - and see if I can actually leave some semblance of feedback ths time round.

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