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To my f-list...

It's been on my mind since the lj black out a while ago - a lot of y'all have back-ups of LJ on some other blogs- or at least alternative blogging spots to get your daily fix. So:

Poll #870617 Your back-up/alternative journal

I have an alternative/backup journal @

huh? TICKYBOX!!!1!

You can find the journal @ the following address:

I've noticed that there has been an exponential increase in Supernatural posts - I remember when I had to actively search for peeps interested in SPN (like I'm doing now for the Heroes fandom). Now, everyday and most especially Thursday, there's a deluge of SPN posts and squee-age.

And I've noticed that my HP fandom has gotten quite jaded. Sure, I'm not all that psyched about OotP (because I can't wait for the HBP movie damnit!) but the squee for HP stuff in general seems to be lacking.

I WANT TO SEE HAPPY FEET SO BADLY. But my roomies want to see what all the fuss is about Borat. ARGH. I just might go solo - but, damn, a party of one isn't gonna be all that great.

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