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Shounen Onmyouji

D. Gray-man and Shounen Onmyouji are the only series I actually download as soon as a sub comes out.

My secret hope for DGM is that it'll go beyond the manga so I'll get to watch some new storylines.

And Shounen Onmyouji is my slashy series of the season - sure, there's a female around in the opening and ending credits but the interaction between Masahiro and Mokkun/Guren is lovely. Then there is the fact that it doesn't feel like the anime is just trying to entertain you - like Ouran High School Host Club. It goes at its own pace, letting relationships build and characters develop, which for me, is a treat to watch.

Having just seen episode 5 - I really, really like Masahiro, not to mention Guren's flashbacks when he first met him. They made me all squeeky.

And the character designs are so PRETTY. Yes, give me shininess and I fangirl, I can't help it.

Much love.

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