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Draco Art I had commissioned...a long, long time ago...

I must be one of the weirder people out there to commission a pic - I mean, how many make the request (through DeviantArt), pay the money and don't check the final product? ARGH.

The draft, line art and final piece were all done in August. I wanted a wallpaper- both for my desktop and my room.

The artist kidinair is not in the HP fandom- but that's why I think she got it so right. I don't see Tom Felton or Boyd- I see Draco. Her coloring especially is absolutely BEAUTIFUL- which is where so many artists fall short.

So check out the three images along with the full sized wallpaper, since I'm a firm believer that when you love someone like Draco you should be ready to share him- with both Harry and the fans :)


Line art:

Final Image (click for larger image):

Black border

Normal Border
that's sooooo pretty! and can I just say that the ferret is ADORABLE?!
Yes she's a great artist, isn't she :) The most I can do is stuff like the ferret (though I'm glad you like both ^__^)
amazingly beautiful they are. How do you colour them?
I only had the work commissioned- you might want to visit the artist's LJ (listed above) and ask her that :)
Oh. My. GUH.

His eyes are blue -- but who cares? *Grovels* What beautiful work :D
I know they're supposed to be grey, but I guess we can blame it on the shadows (which are blue) and therefore caused the eyes and tie to come out very blue indeed...small nitpicks when kidinair is so good at what she does.
Oh yeah, her Draco is fabulous! I have two Draco's in my mind. Tom Felton as the movie one, and another one as the book one.
There are so many different types of Draco out there :) But I like to think this is one of the better ones, lol. Tom Felton does do a great job in the movie though I like to have a different Draco in mind when reading fanfiction or the books...
The thought running through my head was a very nubile, youthful way...*sigh*
I must admit that these pics are absolutely wonderful.
My unimportant self likes the first one most.
My sincere compliments to the artist!

*huggle* Yes, that was my initial sentiment too! Though then I suddenly began seeing Charlise Theoron and realised the final piece was just more...unique. It didn't look like any other person while still looking like a person. Still the first pic's lips and eyes are stunning :)
I bet you're thrilled with the final results, I know I would be. Her colour work is breathtaking but I think I like the draft image best, I think it's Draco's eyes and those beautiful lips. It would make a lovely icon. *sighs*
Yup the draft image is very purty- though it reminds me a bit of Charlise I think the final image will rate higher for being more unique. Still, I wanted the drafts for icon usage myself:) I'll prob so a couple of bases in future and post 'em up.

She. Is. So. Awesome.

Dear Lord Voldie please don't take Draco, he's too pretty to go to the dark side!

my my my these are quite lovely chica!
Yes, way too yummy to be currupted...he looks ethereal except still a person *happy sigh* Me be so pleased :)
*gasp* That was what was running through my head too! *glomp* The lighting simply brought him to life- made me want to see Harry next to him, lol :)
i think i like her draft the best- the final product made him a little too girly for my tastes.
overall though, it's absolutely gorgeous, and you're one lucky chickadee to have gotten it.
Actually, the more I look at the draft, the more I see charlize I'll still with the final as my wallpaper image :) Yet, the drafts have so much icon potential...I forsee several bases in the ear future...
That picture is gorgeous!! It looks so much like I thought Draco would look in the books.

oh and by the way - your icon is hilarious :P
I so agree! I don't see just a regular run of the mill stereotypical blond boy, I see Draco. Which is why I still squee when I see it :)

Glad you like it:) You are refering to Heath Ledger right?