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So I'm walking across campus and there's this dude holding out a big sign:


And random individuals - including several guys walk up to him and suddenly there's glompage XD Ah, the things that make me smile.

So, mosey over here and let me huggle/glomp/snuggle you ^____^

That's all for now :) Oh and I can't wait for SPN (and Chloe) tonight.

Did I mention I'm doing updates on the H/D Rec List Directory?

*much luv*
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Must. Finish. Directory.

Man, I haven't caught up with my rec list in forever - I'm pacifying myself that peeps would squee more about a directory update - especially since rec list updating would mean hundreds of bookmarks and I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT.

So many fics, so little time.
Yay, free hugs!

*huggles, glomps and smooches*

Heehee.. Your directory will be so BIG once you've done. BTW, is it ok if I put up a link to it in my link section?

I'm updating my rec too. ^^
Ah, will note the update too :)

Every time I update, I just can't help thinking that there's so many recs out there that I'm *not* linking too -and wondering how I can get my hands on 'em all. Yeah, so the works never done.