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I recall stumbling across Unthinkable Thoughts in 2002 when Aidan Lynch's ff.net username was 'Draco Malfoy' :P

Its been 4 years and H/D is still my OTP - sure I try out other fandoms but I keep coming back - not only because of my love for all things Draco but because of the awesome talent and varied views here.

I joined LJ on the 31st of Dec 2004- just before midnight. I got addicted to it because of communities like harrydraco and authors like bookshop, furiosity, sarahtales, lovely_slyth and silentauror, along with postings like hogwarts_today and silver_and_gold.

Now I think I'm ready to post my H/D rec list (I sorted through 1300+ general bookmarks this December), though most of the stuff is actually well written fics by authors who started writing in 2004/2005 (and into 2006). Additionally there are so many gems here on LJ by so many authors who are pretty much unknown. My resolution this year is to read more of their works and get the word out on them.

That and do dozens more icon posts (well, icon bases mainly)

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