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Tutorial: Using Photoshop Filters to Enhance Your Images

Tutorial: Using Photoshop Filters to Enhance Your Images
Created by: gossymer
Program: Photoshop CS (should work with older versions too)
Filters used: Paint Daubs, Accented Edges, Poster edges, Diffuse Glow and Texturiser

Note: Median, Despeckle & Unsharp Mask will be covered in a separate tutorial (they apply more to image correcting)



There is more to Photoshop than just layers, gradients and brushes. The Filters offer users a chance to truly make images different- yet without having to resort to the brush.

 Step 1:
Download the full size image used here

Open it in photoshop and zoom out 50%
 Step 2:

If you’re using an older version of Photoshop you will have to do these effects one by one. If you do have Photoshop CS then instead of pressing OK, simply click the ‘New Effect’ button shown on the left to add the next effect. This is a much easier way to mix and match multiple effects at one go. You can even hide effects and change the order they are applied to get different looks.
 Step 3:

Go to Filter/Artistic/Paint Daubs and fill in the following values:

Brush Size: 2
Sharpness: 8

Photoshop CS users click 'new effect' button showed above- everyone else, press OK.

 Step 4:

Filter/Brush Strokes/Accented Edges

Edge Width: 1
Edge Brightness: 24
Smoothness: 3

Sharpens and lightens edges


 Step 5:

Filter/Artistic/Poster edges

Edge Thickness: 0
Edge Intensity: 1
Posterization: 5

Darkens edges to look like an illustrated image


 Step 6:

Filter/Distort/Diffuse Glow

Graininess: 0
Glow Amount: 2
Clear Amount: 20

Adds a glow to images. Caution: usually works best on large images.


 Step 7:


Texture (drop down menu): Sandstone
Scaling: 50%
Relief: 4
Light: Top

Gives the image the look of paper.

Ending notes
Play around with these tools. I don’t bother explaining what each number you type in will do because when you start using these tools yourself, you’ll just be sliding the mouse around a lot to get the effect you want.

You can achieve far more extreme effects with the Photoshop Filters and there are certain ones like Smudge Stick, Dry Brush etc. that you’ll probably find useful at one point or another.


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