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Layout recs

If you, like me, are finding to be that time of the year where you want a new look (or you stared wistfully at the reveal on the_lj_reboot  ) then here are some layouts and their makers to get some immediate codes- or just some inspiration.

If you're completely new to layouts or just want a very fast update, there is a new layout @ interlinea   called Velvet and it has - get this - not one, but FIVE different premade color schemes to choose from: Pink, Blue, Green, Grey and Black.

There is thefulcrum   as always, with so many *perfect* layouts that it seems pointless to customize them any further.

reversescollide  has some nifty s2 layouts here, as does damnicons over here.

Now, took a look at this layout by carriep63. I do think she's the most under-appreciated of my favorite layout designers. She has done so many stunning layouts that I don't even know which to link - so here are all that I can find: gecolime, lous-car, school, and weather

There are three solo layouts by various designers that I like for their simplicity and prettiness: Glues, Bits of Orange and Velocity

On closing, there are two layout communities I'm reccing - ljs2layouts for their high quality (and limited) layouts and freelayouts for their Last Layout Standing layouts.

If you have any other peeps/layouts you just *adore*, I'm definitely interested in checking them out :)

P.S - and if you've forgotten how to get rid of that nav-strip, here.
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