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Layout history

Don't worry - this is the final style post for a while. I just managed to re-upload, organize and publicize all my old style sheets. So I thought I'd just organize them into a comprehensive time line for future reference ^___^

Layout #1

Preview: Live w/ original post

Created: November 2005

About: I just slapped on a side image and changed the colors via the livejournal edit layout wizard.

Layout #2

Preview: Screencap

Created: February 2006

About: First time I used a sidebar. I also had to set up user and theme layers to get this layout to work. I really liked this header which I drew in photoshop.

Layout #3

Preview: Live w/ original post

Created: August 2006

About: I got inspired by an entry in competition and transfered it over to flexible squares. I started using stock images for headers.

Layout #4

Preview: Live w/ original post

Created: October 2006

About: LJ broke everyone's layouts at this time and I transfered my layout to smooth sailing. This lasted for all of 2 days.

Layout #5

Preview: Live w/ original post

Created: October 2006

About: I did a super fast transition to smoothsailing. Also started looking to DeviantART for stock art.

Layout #6

Preview: Live view

Created: February 2007

About: Eliminated my sidebar, put all my links at the top and made the entries less smooshed. Hardcore CSS coding was done for this to get it to show up right.

Layout #7

Preview: Live view w/ original post

Created: March 2007

About: I desperately wanted a horizontal menu on my lj with centralised entries. There were none shared on lj. So I took the original smooth sailing layout and started coding. I shared the layout along with two other colorschemes - was kinda suprised at the reaction ^__^

Layout #8

Preview: Live w/ original post

Created: June 2007

About: Probably the longest amount of time I spent on graphics for a personal layout - done for the last LJ Reboot which I had *always* wanted to participate in.

Layout #9

Preview: Live w/ original post

Created: Feb 2008

About: I wanted to mellow down a bit and streamline my last LJ layout - make it load faster and easier to read + no usericons except in comments, so I'm distracted less.

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It's interesting to see that you've kept a similar color scheme for all of them. And I like the ferret on the firt two, hahaha.
Lol, 2005 was a Green year but 2006 was a maroon year. Right now I'm still partial to mocha and pinks but I think I'll give black/grey/blues a try in future...

Glad you like the ferrets though since I did them from scratch XD
Most of my layouts have had a large amount of black or some shade of blue in them, which I find interesting since my favorite color is actually pink. I tried to have a really colorful layout once but I didn't keep it long because there were too do I put this...happy colors.
Lol, I'm kind of the opposite in the sense that if there aren't enough colors or patterns to focus on...I get bored when scrolling >__< So while I find white or just black layouts extremely sparkly and sophisticated, they don't quite work for me personally :)
Ooh, very pretty! :D I probably won't change mine for ages yet. It's too much work. :P
Yes, it does, doesn't it? A year ago, it was such a pain - now I got migraines but for some reason I actually wouldn't wind going through hell again if I could get some shininess out of it >__>

But I'm still partial to your layout :) Notice I barely changed my entry format, lol.
Meeeemories!!!! Ah man, I should have done this. You are so wonderfully organised. *fangirls*
Haha, nah - Hadn't updated this for a year, but considering the time I spent on my layouts, it felt like it was worth it :)