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In need of the funny...

So I'd like to read something funny- whether it be fanfics, comics or original fiction.

I wouldn't even mind stuff in fandoms I don't usually read.

I just want to laugh and flail, spazz out and hit the table with my fists like a six year old.

Maybe I should just reread mahaliem's fics...

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Sadly I've already done a rinse and repeat with If You've A Ready Mind - I think I've gone through her major fics. Any recs for obscure drabbles/ficlets she's done?
Hello, I friended you a while ago. :)

I just read Mahaliem's Checkmating which was really funny and of course "Slytherin in Gryffindor clothing" is worth reading several times. :)
I reread The of His Enemy yesterday and I know a bit too much of SiGC by heart >__< But yeah, I'm in need of something like that. Any other recs?

If its funny/isane/cracky I will worship you.

The only reason I haven;t delved much in it already is 'cause I don't know where to start.

Why can't there be huge spawning rec lists like with HP?

I need a mentor >__