Goss (gossymer) wrote,

So midterms having been dragging for weeks, so a lack of much going on really. Though I did notice the catch phrase on my f-list was "WTF, April 23rd?!!" Lol, yes Heroes is awesome and weeks of hiatus are straight from hell.

betabowl seems like an absolutely awesome new community. If you're an author or beta or a random lurker, do check it out.

This is a general Q out to peeps - when is your LJ anniversary/birthday? Is it on the day you signed up for a journal, the day you first posted an entry or something else enitrely? While I signed up for an LJ on New Year's eve, I think my first post was over 6 months later. Which makes me wonder what day I'm supposed to be flailing on.

After all the fic fests there seems to be a serious lack of H/D recs. I have three to offer, but they're all probably famous by now:

- furiosity's Before Peace (at 17 chapters so far and updates every Sunday)
- dragon_charmer's beyond fabulous harry and cat drabbles(scroll down for the first, and yes, it's Harry/Draco). Then catch up on all her daily drabbles.
- rurounihime's The Road which is epic, EPIC, I tell you.

There is only one movie I'm extremely excited about: Transformers. It feels like Jurassic Park, except instead of dinosaurs we have giant robots. Way cool. Not even all that psyched about 300 and OotP or even Spiderman 3.

The opera browser recently developed a browser version that can show videos natively (just like with regular images and text). All I can say is, it's about time.

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