Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Me is back from Big Bend - well, alright, got back on Friday but finally feel back in the groove today. Big bend was very pretty, the trails were hell on earth, and the company left a lot to be desired at times. The one silver lining? Not as many bugs as I thought there'd be.

I'd definitely have enjoyed it a lot more if the friend who'd organized it had actually known what he'd been doing. Instead it felt like *I* was suffering through PMS rather than my roommate. I haven't snapped so much at a person since...was it middle school? Ah yes, the catfights with my sister. Definitely more than half a dozen years ago. Felt like a total bitch except I didn't really feel guilty since the friend I wanted to kill was acting like a spoilt brat with no experience at camping, and hell, was actually older than me.

*restrains self from knocking head against wall repeatedly* Okay, I don't think I'm over it yet. Give me another week or two.

I watched the last episodes of Hana Yori Dango - season 2 on Dailymotion.com. It totally helped me unwind. I was also wondering if there's a place I could download the manga series or some Buffy episodes - yes, I know, but I have this craving to rewatch some bits of the series.

And going down memory lane, I also found a fabulous old fanart comics by Nacey Lorenz - and if you notice the small fanart pic down the middle of the page...that was done by me in highschool...more than 4 years I think. It feels like forever.

I'm trying to muster the enthusiam to download the latest season of BSG. Right now I wouldn't mind waiting for a squeetastic season finale though.

At the moment, I'm doing little more than rewatching Queer as Folk (US) and checking out the j-dramas Pride and My Little Chef.

There is a lot more crap to actually start on but...I think I'll wait till tommorrow.

Oh! Peeps who like those Winchester boys from Supernatural should try reading Nightlife by Rob Thurman. The sibling relationship between Caliban and Niko is surprisingly similar. And the bonus? The sequels to the book, one of which is already out.

WHY IS IRC SO SLOW DAMNIT. Those HYD volumes are taking *forever* to download. Maybe I should try bittorrent...

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