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A shipper rec for non-shippers

If you never really *got* the Harry/Draco pairing or the fan following behind it, you might want to sink your teeth into furiosity's latest oneshot, From the Brink of Twilight. I couldn't help thinking that if I'd jumped straight from cannon into that world, it would be a rather easy transition.

Not to forget, there is sex but more importantly, an actual storyline and beyond wonderful characterization. Everything clicks so damn well. I think the world F created could fall into the category of alternate cannon IMO.

So shoo, go give it a look.
Aww, sweetie, thank you so much!! ♥ I'm so happy you liked it enough to rec it. :x :x :D
Bah, this is me - I don't bother to comment properly on the actual post and instead, directly spam my f-list XD

Its been a while since I read something that just clicked with me (at least on the H/D side). I still remember reading Dancing Devils in His Eyes and just...twitching.

I have come to realize that there are very few authors who can pen a high volume of fics at a steady pace, fics that are not only fantastic but also completely different from each other. You definitely fall into that category.

I hope its a long, long time before you move onto something different XD