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H/D rec

Most people have already read Mad Martha's The Lodger fic, a classic in the H/D fandom (written in 2002).

I realized today that she had moved the fic to livejournal, and surprise, surprise, it wasn't a oneshot as I had always believed. Rather, It's part of a bigger series. I'm about to go sink my teeth into it, but thought I'd just pass the links along:

Lodger series
(This series is Harry/Draco and AU from The Goblet of Fire onwards, with an overall rating of PG13)

Caught Unprepared (Harry/other, R-rated)
The Lodger*
One Moment For All Time
Things That Go Bump …
Chipped Off The Old Block

The links come from the author's Master List of Stories.

It feels like such a long time since I had some long, long fics to read.

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