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Okay, this is a milestone, lol.

I was just banned.

Where? From jdramas . Why? for pointing out that they had paid someone for a layout designed by someone else, and had not credited the original designer at all.

My comment:
I had a question. Don't get me wrong, I really love the layout used for the community.
However, the person who submitted the layout did not design the CSS. Magicinabox was credited for the codes (nearly all the code belongs to _trendi) and only the 2 or three graphics used were designed by the winner.

Is _trendi (the owner of magicinabox) aware that the code was used for profit (the giftcertificate prize)? Is it fair to the other contestants who might have designed the layout from scratch?

I just came across the original layout:

The winning layout is practically the same thing.

At this rate, rather than wasting time to design a custom layout for the community, people could just rip those codes available online, credit the designer and win.

Something seems really off.

sabacat   responds:
This is just now coming up?

I'm sorry, but the actual vote was for which layout the members wanted to be used first. Where, how, and who did what is not something we can verify. If anyone had complained when the layout was submitted we would have discussed it, but it's been months now. And, some people did state in their entry posts that they got some stuff from other people/places.

There's really nothing "off" about it. We're not critiquing a person's knowledge or ability to design a layout. The dramas are what's important here... the layout is nothing more than something (or more importantly ~someone~) easy on the eyes to look at as we do it, because in all honesty, the votes were for the dramas/actors featured in the layouts, and not the actual layouts themselves. It could have been brown with pea green dots and it would have won if it had MatsuJun/Kimi wa Petto on it. That's just the way it is with drama fans.

sabacat  then responds to my own post on my own lj (I did not mention jdramas  at all):
WHAT the FUCK? You're a little behind the times honey! You bring this up now? It's been well over two months since that person submitted that layout. Exactly why are you just now freaking out?

Don't worry though... I'll contact the mod who deals with changing the layouts, and we'll make sure to take that one down!

All this fuss for a WHOPPING $11.99 MU account prize? LOL Get a life!
My response:

This is coming up now because I did not join the community till the contest deadline. The winning entry submission had long since been posted and I never saw it until I saw _trendi's layout, compared it to the jdramas layout and went "WTF?"

Yes the layout could have been brown with pea green dots. However, read the comments to the winning entry...people liked the colors, the design and not just the header image at all. The winner won for a layout by someone else and got paid for it. The original designer is as yet unaware of that.

If it was just for the header image, then keep the header image. Credit the winner for that. If you are going to use someone else's layout credit the person in the community user info. The winner should have also notified the designer beyond just "using and will credit".


sabacat  responds:
LOL you seriously need to get a life! Do the colors all belong to one person?

Actually our tech changed the colors somewhat because my bad eyes had trouble reading the ones that were there.

This is truly laughable! Don't worry your little self about anymore though, because I've already emailed our tech mod about changing it. AND as you yourself claim that you didn't realize it was based on someone else's code, I ask you, how the hell are we supposed to credit someone if we don't know?
We really don't want someone like you in our community. Like I said, we're about the dramas, not the freakin colors! But it seems like you just want to cause trouble.
Anyway, just so you know... you're leaving our comm.

Thanks for the layout info. It'll be gone soon.


Since I can't respond to her last comment on the community, I'll do it here:

AND as you yourself claim that you didn't realize it was based on someone else's code, I ask you, how the hell are we supposed to credit someone if we don't know?

Hon, I wasn't a member when the contest entry was submitted. The submission credits magicinabox for the CSS - but y'all didn't. I just pointed out that fact. If y'all aren't about the layout - why did you offer money for it? There seems to be a lack of logic somewhere.

And it seems like out of the two of us, you're the one who seems to be over reacting. I just commented on the situation. I didn't threaten, rant or otherwise abuse you or the community. I posted an anonymous entry in my LJ, never mentioning jdramas.

While I loved being a part of jdramas, there are other places to watch far eastern dramas. I'm just disappointed that the community has a moderator as tacky and lacking in common sense as you.
Congrats on the ban! I think you saved yourself a world of brain-pain, mama.

I like how they said they were all about the dramas and not about the colours. DRAMA INDEED. *shrugs* They sounded rude to me. A little heavy-handed....a la Hitler, maybe.


Oooooh whatever shall you do??!!!! YOUR WORLD, IT HAS ENDED, YOU TROUBLE-MAKER YOU.
Thank you, thank you *bows*.

I will probably miss the community - hey, free videos in one location? Always a bonus.

But OMG, that reaction was just silly - and abuse of power much? I love hyper!mods.

*nods* yes, such a bad, bad girl. I need to be spanked XD
Wow. Talk about overreacting. That's INSANE! Personally, if that's the way she reacts to someone asking a question (very calmly and non-confrontationally, I might add) then she's the one who needs a life.
I couldn't help wondering if she was going through PMS ^__^'

Ah LJ, you make my day all cracky and complete XD
Haha! That was great to read. Some people are just...stupid (and in case you're reading, sabacat, I do believe it's you that needs a life, not anyone else).

Not often do I see wank so close to home! I'm sorry it was taken out on you, that's all...

Lol, the responses really came out of the left field for me. I mean, wank? For moi?

Ah, but it'll be fun to look back on this post and snicker.
Ew. I also won't mention that it's against the TOS to sell layouts, I really won't :P

They offered a gift certificate to the winner, so it's not payment per se, but it's still something of monetary value >__> Ah, whatever. Chalk this up to experience ^__^
I am still cracking up at this person's reaction. This reminds me of a community I left once because someone posted a fic (that didn't break any rules because there weren't even any rules to be broken) and all of the sudden the mod started abusing the capslock.
Lol, and all this wank for a single comment XD Gotta love lj - you get to meet so many unique individuals XD
"like I said, we're about the dramas"

Oh, you certainly are, sweetheart. No doubt about it. *shakes head*

Seriously though, I'm sorry a simple question had to lead to that. The internet is an 'interesting' place sometimes.

Here's to overly-sensitive mods!

When it comes to education, there's school, RL and LJ.


What the hell. That community sounds like a wankfest if asshats like that are in charge.
inner!Me whooped when I read your comment. I mean, good grief, defensive much?

Bah, but the community had free media and that all about sharing the love, not the wank *pout*. Thankfully there are alternatives so it doesn't hurt too much *pokes chest!wound*
Hi All! ^___^

Just so you know, we changed the layout! *everyone's happy now*

And also, we had a contest with prizes. It wasn't like we were contracting it out. It was all ~supposed~ to be in good fun! But then again, some people always have to start trouble. We have no problem crediting people we obviously credited the person who submitted the layout... but as Ms. Gossymer herself noted, she didn't know until later it had features from someone how were we supposed to know who to credit?

My whole problem with this whole thing is the accusing manner which it was brought up. Like we purposefully set out to ~wrong~ someone. And like I should turn around and give the 2 month MU account to trendi or whoever. I paid for that myself. I'm sorry if you feel that person shouldn't have gotten it, but it's over and done and I can't change it. I really don't know what you all expected us to do... other than what we have done already, which is change the layout.

Yes, you're banned, because you made something very very public that could have nicely been taken care of privately. By commenting in the post, it was accusatory and uncomfortable, and TACKY. My email is all over that comm and I repeatedly ask that problems be sent directly to me. I get emails with questions all the time, and apparently no one else has had a problem with emailing me except you. You made it public, you made it worse by your posts here.

Like someone said in an earlier comment... there's lots of other places to get dramas and maybe their layouts won't offend.

I have a life thank you... Try to enjoy your's.

If you don't hear it the first or second time...

I never saw the entry submission till I looked it up - the winner did credit the original designer. So y'all knew who to credit from the get go.

You seem to be taking the entire issue personally. I just asked a few questions and stated some facts.

The community is a locked one - how is my comment so very, very public? I asked a question - it *is* all right to ask questions? I did not put up a post on the community. If you were annoyed by the comment's public nature, you could have screened it.

And the post here had been completely anonymous. Why you had to take personal offense and follow it up with a ban...well, that's probably just you being you.

Take care!
*accept hug and award graciously*


The incident still managed to make me feel like a bitch for some reason, so thanks for the note ^__^ Definitely helped!
Oh hi.

I have to say I think that was an uncalled for overreaction. I do think the mod of JDrama assumed you were the sort to cause all sorts of drama in future as well so banned you to pre-empt any such problem but really that's a rather large and rude assumption to be making.

I don't understand why they're taking so much offense. It almost makes them sound guilty.

But it doesn't matter. I don't care 'bout all that.

How YOU doin?

Random friending request here. What do you think? Mind a crazy J-drama loving chick adding you to their flist? I ask because you have a lot of similar interests and I highly suspect I will enjoy watching your journal very much.
Hmm, I think my greatest flaw is that I lurk way too much for my own good. Half the peeps I know are usually like "Damn it woman, SAY SOMETHING!"

I'm doing alright now - making icons and figuring out possible new layout designs tend to make things all better XD

Friend away :) I must warn you though, I tend to have an enormous appetite for media, so I tend to jump from one new discovery to the next. There's just so much SHININESS everywhere.

Though I never thought I'd meet new peeps from a wankfest XD
Gah, I dislike debacles like this. I think it's just worse on LJ, because it's entirely text, and all you can do is either reread how much of an ass you are(were), or have accidentally read some connotation that wasn't intentional.

In truth... I think it was rather stupid to have a layout contest in the first place... seeing as, if motivated, one could just get the code on their own and customize it themselves, instead of having a contest where the prize is more than having your work publicly shown. And the fact that "they're about dramas" and not layout contests just adds fuel to the flame of... something a little less flaunty then 12 dollars.

Oh well, good riddance to stuffy and useless history.
(sorry, this totally rubbed me the wrong way, and a rant ensued! gah, oh gah.)
That was totally my position from the start when I said "Something just seems really off". I mean, the contest seemed so pointless is peeps were just going to use a layout already designed. What was the point then?

Chalk one up for experience though. And useless history, lol.
I'd say you're well rid of them. Join a community where all the drama isn't in the way the mods handle the community.
*nods* exactly.

*pout* But where's the alternative J-drama spot? Bah, I think I'm going to have to resort to torrents at this rate...though there is dailymotion and crunchyroll...

*glomps* your icon made me all mushy. 1x2 always brightens the moment!
Why is it when someone is found to be 'borrowing' something belonging to another artist/author, the argument seems to always boil down to something along the lines of this comment: "LOL you seriously need to get a life! Do the colors all belong to one person?"

Yes, all the colours and the words belong to everyone, got it. The exact combination arranged by an individual or group does not. How is this hard to understand? Maybe we're just not speaking Stupid'n'Selfish fluently enough.
Ahaha, and LOL to the incredibly 'polite' debate you guys had up there. Awesome. Is it Asshole Day today? I think I lived this drama in RL today, except it was about sending a generic email to 30 staff about remembering to empty a shredder, and having one person freak out at my 'personal attack' - they then escalated the situation to my manager, his manager, and threatened to lodge a complaint with HR. Madness.
That mod's reactions are either motivated by guilt or are a very sad attempt to get fifteen minutes of fame on fandomwank. Seriously.

On the one hand she(he?) admits to knowing that some submissions were properly credited, yet at the same time claims to have no knowledge of that information. And rather than add one line in the userinfo, she makes a huge production out of it including a long wanky post in the comm. And then disabled the comments on on the post when she evidently didn't get quite the outpouring of sympathy and support she was looking for.

Clearly she subscribes to the really lazy, and kind of dumb, school of modding.
She seems like a very confused individual at the moment but hopefully its just PMS a phase.

Is it evil that I wish you could copy/paste that post and comments and email them to me?

Though I do wonder if she deleted all prior comments when disabling them >__>

But enough of that. I just read Sunhawk's Rain series today (1x2x1) and she's doing the same thing as furiosity - one chapter a week! Are authors trying to kill us by making six days in a week even longer?

But f's latest chapter of Before Peace pwns EVERYTHING.
You wanna hear my 2cents? However:
I do not know and probably will never know said community, but I do not understand some things:
1) They say the winner of the layout contest credited the maker of the codes. So, how can they not know, the codes are from someone else?
2) If they saw the credit, when the layout was submitted, why did they not put it into their own userinfo? To such a big community one assumes giving proper credit is not a foreing or even offensive matter.
3) If I'd use somebody else's codes in a contest, I'd tell the person beforehand about it and in case of winning I'd share my joy, if not the price with said person.

Well, this "drama" provided at least some entertainment in my boring work day. Sorry for the loss of the community. *hugs*
1) The mod, IMO, is a very confused individual.
2) People make mistakes but not everyone is willing to go "oop, let me correct it!" Rather that go "WTF! Get a Life! You are banned!" - a very offensive denfese.
3) The winner had stated "using and will credit" in the required post but didn't mention the contest. I doubt the original designer was aware of their design winning or of the gift certificate involved.

*hugs back* Ah, definitely an experience. Am hunting for good sources of subbed j-dramas now.