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Lee Jun Ki - Icons

If I had to choose the single most stunningly attractive person in the world, Lee Jun Ki would be my choice. There's just a quality about him that you need to see on screen to actually *get*. Bah, anyway, here are the shiny icons...they've been sitting on my hard drive for a while though I finally finished them.

Lee Jun Ki

[60] Icons - Lee Jun Ki

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These are so stunning. I don't know him, but he's eye candy. And so are these icons. ♥
Thank you so much! For the past two icon batches I've been merging some new techniques - they take longer but I get some rather unusual colors this way. My biggest fear is that I'll overdo it >__<

*offers cookie for first comment*

Oh and if you google Lee Jun Ki on you tube you can see music videos or movies he acted in(such as King and Clown). It's just...a lot more eye candy.
Oh my God, I love you so very, very much.

If I had to choose the single most stunningly attractive person in the world, Lee Jun Ki would be my choice.

I couldn't agree more. There are no words.

Anyway, about the icons. I'll be stealing quite a few of these (and crediting, of course.) They're all VERY well done and I actually haven't seen a good deal of the pictures before, which is amazing in itself. Thank you!
Y'know for the life of me I can't remember the name of the site I got it from. I think I asked for galleries at a KAT-TUN community and found a site with huge - as in hundreds of images - of LJK. After seeing all the shiny, I just couldn't resist. I think I'll go in search of that address tomorrow and add it to my credit area.

Feel free to use (and customise) any of them!
These are awesome!
I should be asleep hours ago, so will come back to this when more awake to assess for snagging, but... damn, that's a nice visual for going to sleep! =)
Eek, my mind totally went to the gutter with that last line ^__^ But yes, complete eye candy.
Remind me to pimp these out to my flist, I know at least 5 people that are going to die!11
I took the effects I learnt with my last batch of naruto icons and started mixing 'em up. Lots of different results and since my current laptop is *old* I wasn't sure how good they'd look on a newer monitor. Thanks for the positive feedback!

You took my favorite guy in the world and made some amazing icons...

=^_______^= ~♥
But he's so pretty and shiny and I just couldn't resist the urge.

I saw the pictures and my fingers started twitching. Then they took a while and I was going to give up on it for a while, but looking at his face made me go - no! Must continue.

And there you go :)
Ooooooooooo, sweet. Awesome icons. <3

Thanks for friending me back btw. :) (If you're into icons and JE boys, there's my JE icon challenge comm if you're interested. I'd love to have ya there...*hinthint* hehehe)

Thanks! And sorry about the long, long, looooong delay. I'm slow, but I do get things done (usually).

I might actually take you up on that in future - there is this budding interest in Kame and Jin...and several other JE's currently relaxing at the back of my brain but it's sure to start flashing some interesting ideas in a while. Doing an icon challenge might just be the solution XD
Eek, I LOVE Lee Jun Ki. XD! He really is the single most stunningly attractive person in the world. XD

Anyways, snagged A LOT, because these icons are simply gorgeous! x3
Eek, your comment made me a happy icon maker :) Especially since these were a bit of an experimental batch (a mix of different new techniques)

- (Anonymous)
I have NO IDEA who he is, but OMG! Is he beautiful!
Makes my poor little bi-mind go esplody!
If you check out youtube for Lee Jun Ki you'll get...eye candy in motion. A very, very sweet piece of - *cough* yes, he's a person and not an object to be drooled over. He can act (King and the Clown) and he can sing and he was swoon worthy in the music video Grace and -


He's totally hot. Do wiki or youtube him.