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Layout in Progress

I'm doing a new layout for my sis + it's on the s2 classic layout for the freelayouts community contest.

Almost done - but I can't seem to figure out what kind of a header image would work with it.

Here's a live preview of the new layout XD

I'm thinking about an image of a spice stall, or an elephant in a forest or some indian architecture...bah, not sure at all.

ETA: Okay changed the images and adjusted colors from red and green to blue and green - HERE

*dances* I'm rather pleased with it. Background pattern found on thefulcrum.</lj>
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Hi. I was looking at the new layout and I think the indian architecture would be good.
Lol, unfortunately, every one seems to equate architecture with the Taj Mahal - there weren't many good landscape images of architecture...almost went for the beaches of goa...but I found some pretty blue/green peacock feather images and ended up choosing one XD Of course, that meant changing the color scheme too:
Well, bluse is my favorite color so I liked that. I would have loved the beaches myself. It being summer and all. But that's just me. The colors were great though.
I like that one. I would love to be there right now but for a vacation time. Just relaxing and being lazy. :)
Wow! That's great, too!!!
When you find a header image are you going to do the red one in addition? Actually I quite like it just with the yellowish border.
Come to think of it, I could actually do two versions - one red and one blue...especially considering I have quite a few images on my computer now...^__^

*glomps* Thanks for the idea!
Sorry. Ugh, you probably hate this if it has happened before, but I found your layout through birdseye and saw the credit. I was wondering if you found the codes from somebody, saw a tutorial, etc., and if you could point me in the direction of it?

Thanks in advanced.
The blue layouts that I put up I designed myself ^__^ THE place to get tips and help if something goes wrong is s2smoothsailing. Thanks to the awesome tutorials there and the help when things go wrong, I got these layouts up.

Apart from that, freelayouts is having weekly competitions to design layouts using new systems - whether they be flexible squares or Classic. Its a great way to get your feet wet and to try out new styles.

Don't worry about the Qs - I just started using CSS this past year, so I'm too new to find it at all annoying XD

Oh and if you don't normally use CSS, you might find it easier by using someone else's layout code and editing it...Bah, I suck at giving tips >__<.
Oh, I've definitely been designing layouts on LJ for 2 or 3 years. Just started dabbling in S2, but every time I made an S2 layout, it took forever for the layouts to load.
Yeah. I used to do that. My friend, baby_scarling, made a layout for me, then from there. I'm at where I am now (my layout now)!

Care if I add you?