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*makes unreasonable demands*

I want to see your browsers! I want to see your desktops!

Do you use Opera's RSS, mail, or IRC? What firefox extensions does your *life* depend on? How does safari pwn EVERYTHING for you? Why oh why do you still stick with IE when everyone is screaming at you to switch? Have you found a super sekrit browser no one else is aware of?

Show me the shiny, geeky software y'all love.

Pretty please?

Oh and on a completely different note, my H/D love is in full bloom again, as can be understood via moonflower_rose's recs and maxine_chan's squees.

ETA: Completely forgot - here's my current desktop -

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I use Firefox on both computers and on the laptop it's got the LJ widget thing that lets you log in on multiple accounts without actually having to log OUT etc. I love it and wish it worked with the latest version of Firefox that I have on the desktop.

My desktop is pretty bare. All I have on it is HJSplit for joining all those Jdramas and stuff together *chuckles* Everything else is stored away (cuz I'm an anal organisation freak, doncha know ;)) theoretically where it's supposed to be. *grins*

The other software I can't live without is my Photoshop 7.0 I know it's archaic by now, but I prefer it over CS and CS2.
Oh, I've heard of that widget! But I'm kind of pathetic, in the sense I don't really have multiple accounts >__>

After my old laptop's fan fried, I use my sis' old laptop and store almost everything on my external harddrive which I SO NEED TO ORGANIZE - 250GB, and there are some folders which are just insane...

Photoshop IMO is one of the most stable versions of PS out. CS was such a CPU hog - everything would slow down. CS2 is better - and I need it for Shadow/Highlight, Smart Sharpen etc. Yay for new features ^__^
But my desktop is blank! And I haven't even made a custom wallpaper or installed all the programs I would use yet D:
*headdesk* Wait, do you *have* a laptop at the moment? I thought you'd returned the mac? Or has the replacement arrived already?

And don't you make me start mumbling enviously about the shiny-ness of a fabulous new computer.

The one I'm on is four years old, the screen doesn't show true blacks and white and the colors never show up accurately for graphics work which is a pain for photoshop. I want a shiny new laptop - with proper moniter color calibration et all. I got new glasses in December and already my eyesight is going a bit fuzzy since the screen is nowhere as clear as the fantastic True Bright displays out.

Sorry about that ^___^ *cough* BTW what programs would you install on your new mac? And I've always loved the official mac wallpapers. They're so pretty.
Here you are: :D

I use Firefox for surfing and Opera for d'loading, so that I do not close a d'load window by accident. Otherwise the programs open in the screenshot are those I most frequently use.
Ha ha, I use firefox for CSS code and all the youtube/flash stuff - and opera for surfing ^___^ I tend to use Free Download Manager for those hundreds dozens of files being downloaded.

OMG, is that a Clive Owen folder? I've been meaning to read his stuff - do you have any preferences/recs/warnings?

And how's Corel? Oh and I can never remember if that icon is for Outlook or Outlook express...

I have this one folder called "downloads" which I shove all the setups and loose files I have >__> I place a shortcut to it on my desktop...

*rubs hands* oh now I wonder how your browsers are configured XD

*adds screencap of desktop to main post*
I use Firefox. :D And on the desktop I have that Dumbledore & Fawkes picture by buttfacemakani. I should change it... It's been there for ages. :P

I use IRC sometimes. :D
Ah, but makani's art is *timeless*

Do you use Firefox straight out of the box or do you add some extensions to it to get it working *just* right?
I am so very, very obsessed with DDG. I don't want to think about how many times I've refreshed Maya's lj this week.
Now that the spinoff is done...which of her fics has you hyperventilating the most? 'Cause there is this *need* in me to have Harry and Draco get it on in Quality of Mercy.
I use firefox and my main plugins are the tab mix+ and the video downloader. The theme I use for firefox is macfox. My background is one I've had for ages and it's basically the image I use on my boywhoscored site (Harry on his firebolt above the Quidditch pitch in POA - see icon) and I have windows media edition.

As for chat, I only use YIM.

I noticed that your site is being worked on XD There's a Viggo header there now (I think). I think I'd have video downloader too, if the quality of vids on youtube etc. was better.

I can't WAIT for microsoft to release Silverlight - Highdefinition videos online *heart flutters*

EEE! You use Y!M? Yay for alternatives! Ever since coming to texas everyone seems to be AIM enthusiasts >__> I miss the ol' MSN, ICQ and Y!M
I'm still a netscape 7.2 faithful, I really like it's email program.

My desktop..

my desktop

Integrating mail into browsers was the best idea to hit browsers. I'm loving Opera for the same reason - mail and RSS without having to download any extra stuff? *wins at life*

For a sec I thought it was a normal screencap from SPN..then I noticed Dean and Sam on the floor. Where'd you get that lovely piccy?
I am in love with firefox. I won't use anything else. I have alot of extensions and I have themes.

Here is my current desktop, and how my firefox is set up.


Idk why it keeps making it 800x600.

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Oh, photoshop! Are you going to try Photoshop CS 3 now that it's out?

I love black/grey windows schemes :) I must ask though - what are the extension you have in the top toolbar? I noticed a viw in IE, font size changers, weather...*wonders about the others*

I just used colorzilla yesterday after having it for an age XD
Ha ha, we're on the same wavelength that way XD

I saw your wallpaper and went "OMG, I know that game" *headdesks* I really like the way you've cleared the desktop!

What's the minimized window with the football? And the tray icon with that "u" symbol? *is curious*
So, I finally got the stupid thing to work and got a screenshot of my desktop. I have both Firefox and IE, though Firefox is my first choice. And lifelines are definitely my art programs, *clings to them*

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I LOVE THAT PIC OF XANDER. When I first saw it my mind to the gutter with pr0ny thoughts. Though I admit I seem to think of him as Xander-in-an-AU-verse rather than the one from the show...since he's so hot *waves face*

*squints to see icons of programs* What art software do you prefer?
I have about 800+ wallpapers and I set them to cycle every 15 minutes so by the time I take a screenshot and post it here,it would have already changed. xD
I used to use IE only,people would tell me to use Firefox instead and so I downloaded it but didn't like it,I wasn't very familiar with it so I stuck with IE for a little while after,but then Firefox just gradually grew up on me. I haven't used IE in ages. The two must extensions that I need is StumbleUpon for when I'm utterly bored and sessionsaver.
One of the reasons I hated Firefox initially is that I needed Opera's auto session saver. If my computer crashed all my tabs/windows disappeared in IE and friefox. Luckily they've caught up ^___^

Firefox tends to grow on you...

I USED TO DO THAT TOO. I had this folder with tons of wallapers and I'd have them switch every half an hour. But then I realised I'd stopped looking at the wallpapers properly. Now I use tulips from the default windows desktop or those *fantastic* abstract color wallpapers that come with Macs.