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hurting for some sleep

So, did my last final, couldn't sleep because *someone* switched off the AC. Ended up staying up long enough to watch SPN. Sort of knew what was going to happen. Why couldn't they just do a back to back showing of two episodes next week? These seven day waits for practically everything awesome at the moment is DRIVING ME INSANE.

Ah, maybe I should mention I get cranky when I don't have enough sleep.

sleeeeeeeeeep. *zombie mode* neeeeeeed. sleeeeeeeep.

On a side note I got chocolate covered strawberries from HEB which are Teh Awesome. Also got a batch of Pepperidge Farm Milano biscuits (my roomie introduced 'em to me last week and they just freakin' melt in your mouth). The only other highlight I can think of is that the friending meme is going strong. Will jump in when I have the energy- tomorrow, yes, tomorrow.

I think I'll stare at the H/D poster on my wall and then collapse.

Nighty night.


ETA: Chibi!Supernatural wallpaper (the dean show) - really like the coloring. Perfect for the desktop. Now switching off the PC >__<

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