Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Theories anyone?

Regarding Smallville and Supernatural - this week's episodes and the finales

I wasn't all that freaked about Supernatural. I loved it till the point Sammy died because, come ON. You don't kill one of the only two main characters in a TV show unless you're bringing him back to life. Especially not for a show like Supernatural. I couldn't stop thinking about the revolving door that is Death - at least in most comics, books, shows, etc. SO my only question is whether or not Sam is going to be *different* when he gets back - like brainwashed!evil or tortured-in-hell!crazy. But I admit, Dean's expression made me wibble.

I missed Smallville this week but I've been skimming the forums of Television Without Pity - it seems like Chloe's powers are either going to be healing or self regeneration - so she or Lois is seriously injured in the finale and/or dies...and is healed. I don't think I'm alone in hoping that Lana dies (at least for a while, pretty please?) to give us a break from the torture she puts the viewers through.

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