How did you do the Live view thing...I see it has a livejournal address.

I know nothing of this hosting thing, really.
I'll probably be getting a more permanent preview via a stand alone website over the summer. Still, layers are the fastest way for me to do layouts. I tried to explain everything in detail in my latest post today :)

Seriously, if you combine layers and firefox's web developer toolbar, you can go nuts and try a lot of weird crap. And some of it doesn't look half bad XD
EEEE! That would be cool - though I admit I love your headers and half my layouts don't have headers *pouts* but the CSS can always be changed, ha ha.
Thank you! :)
When the CSS can always be changed, maybe some time in the future, there will be a similar one with a sidebar to put in links and tags and icons teasers. (hint, hint) :D
Beautiful. Clean, simple, with good choice of fonts to read. :D
I'm still trying to figure out ideal fonts + font sizes. Probably should google it but right now I just go for whatever looks pretty, lol.
Awesome. I'm using it over at my new comm, love_crafting, but I might muck about with the colour scheme a little. If I do, I'll post the css to share.
I was trying out default color codes like red black etc. and found a page with more like olivedrab and yellowgreen and steelblue. These were among the few colors I actually liked in the end XD
I think this is the first time I've seen your layouts and they're absolutely loverly. I adore this one (it maybe have something to do with the spiffy three section of links at the top. Shall snag and use and credit (and look at some of your old layouts as well :D) once finals are over. Sankyuuuu :)

P.S. Love love love your current layout! The header is so clever *runs mouse over the bookshelf over and over again* xD
Hello. I've adopted this layout for my (in progress) journal. Credit is on the user info. Thanks :)
I'll be snagging this for future use... since I have three other journals too, I don't know where I'll be using it (heh) but credit will be given nevertheless :)
I have a question about the Green and Tan layout. I've installed it at insanejournal and it went so smoothly compared to other layouts I've tried there that I almost died of happiness. I love the layout a lot.

The one thing that I've tried to tweak and can't for the life of me figure out is on the yearly view page here. The "Year 2008" overlaps with the top of "March 2008," so I think all I'd have to do is move the boxes for the months downward just a bit, but nothing I've tried has worked. Hopefully I haven't messed up anything in the process.

So is there a way to straighten that out? I understand if you don't have time to answer this or if there isn't a real fix for it, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. Thanks!