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I didn't think I'd make it, but I did. My very first LJ Reboot. AWESOME.

Here's my new layout.

I waffled a lot about the design. My main goals:
  • A fresher color scheme for the spring/summer (green, green everywhere...ok, not really - there's a lot of tan and a slight accent of pink)
  • Includes links to popular areas (the book shelf as an imagemap)
  • Includes my favorite links (which happily sit at the bottom thanks to a theme layer)
  • Icons on the left and only for comments and on my friends' page
  • More images! (though I probably could have done better if I weren't out-of-state)
That's about it. Totally excited I could finally do a layout for the reboot - and despite being in Oklahoma City, nothing was going to stop me, not even the lack of proper internet. I especially can't seem to load livejournal...which means WITHDRAWL. Thank goodness for though.

Though I'm kind of glad I missed the bulk of the wank ^___^
- (Anonymous)
EEEE, thank you :) The internet is extremely frustrating but I managed to get the entire thing up...
Wow. This is definitely my very favorite layout from all the new ones this round, this is amazing and beautiful, congratulations! I adore your links in the bottom and the book shelf with book is most definitely very neat. *impressed* :)
Thank you so much! I was going to get more stuff like origami and polaroids across the top but then it looked...cluttered. Simple seemed to work the best.

The bookshelf was the first thing I did (and took the longest time) - everything fell into place after that :)

*hugs* Thanks again for the wonderful feedback!
Just popping through from the_lj_reboot and I'm in love with this layout. Love the books at the top, look sooo real! awesomeness.
I never knew how hard it was to find book images at just the right perspective >__< But yeah, that was the main image for me.

I've come to realize that what I like, others may find odd, so your comment made me happy ^__^
I love it. The footer is awesome.

Great job!
Lol, I wanted footer links so bad - links for me, but others can totally ignore :) Thanks for the fb!
It's really nice looking, and definitely my favourite among the layout revealed for this reboot.

I'm pleased to see that you managed to find a way to position both your calendar and your other sideboxes where you wanted them.
Your favorite, really? That's is so flattering *shoves ego in closet*

I found it easiest to place the sidebar at the top with only the month box and then set up links from scratch at the bottom using the theme layer. But as long as it matches the picture in my head, I'm happy :)
*glomps* I was hoping you'd be getting one done too - love your stuff since everything is so darn spiffy *___*

Thanks so much - expletives don't normally make me bounce but your did XD
This has to be hands down the best layout i've seen in a long time. Great Job. Your hard work really paid off.
♥ Whenever I got stuck I'd start thinking that the layout just plain sucked. You make me happy I went through with it in any case :)
Ooo, well done on your design! (I'm just popping over from <lj user="the_lj_reboot"!) I love how you handled the links in your header, putting them on the books. And the calendar -- as an actual calendar! It looks great!
Lol, I don't really do fandom images (I can't decide on just one image) so I decided to make it look homey and like a bedroom, with favorite books, a calendar, post it notes etc. It's very literal and not really all that creative but I felt comfy with it :)
Yes, it would be very difficult to pick just one fandom! And though it is literal, I think it's very unique -- I've certainly never seen anyone create a design like it before!
So simple and pretty in it's simplicity. I love the placement of extra links at the bottom of the page. I love if a layout maker tried to make something that made her/his layout unique, and not just relying to pretty images to do that. Like yours. :D

BTW, could you please tell me how to make an image map (i.e. the bookshelf above)? I've tried hard without luck. Any help will be appreciated.
The header was originally more cluttered with origami but I decided to keep it simple. And since it was for the reboot, I felt I should focus on me and what I wanted from a layout.

I used a theme layer to get the image map at the top (requires a paid account) - do you want the code? Also, if you have an image and want to map the areas that become links, there's a website that codes it for you automatically :)
I used a theme layer to get the image map at the top (requires a paid account) - do you want the code?

I see. I'm actually thinking of buying a Paid or even get a Permanent account at the next sale, but the LJ witch hunt has certainly made me rethinking my options.

I will love to play around with the codes and learn more about CSS, but it would have taken a little time I have and I will never get a drawing done (which is the reason I created my journal in the first place XD!) Thank you for offering the codes though.

Also, if you have an image and want to map the areas that become links, there's a website that codes it for you automatically

Nifty, I know that carriep63 has listed such a site before... only it didn't work for me T_T. So can you point out the site you're using?
I used this one:

Mind you it only seems to work with explorer but as long as it gives me the codes...

Seriously, unless fandom leaves LJ, I'll probably always pay for my account...and permanent ones look ever so sparkly. I've always wanted an outlet for my creative endeavours with a community :)
Thanks XD Though I must say...your layout is so cool :) horizontal scrolling is so different from the norm. And I love your header text. Positioning and working with text is a personal crux for me :(

This is simply gorgeous! I love the book links, and the calendar - it's just really fantastic. Great work!
Lol, I'll admit it's not a really original idea - I mean, a calendar for a calendar >__< But I wanted something comfy and non-fandomy. Thanks so much for the comment!