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Drabble: Just In Case

Title: Just In Case
Summary/Challenge: A continuation of sorts to my week 1 drabble, On the Run and includes the week 2 drabble challenge: Old Books. Can be read as a stand alone though.
Word Count: Just over 700 (again going over word limit *sigh*)
Rating: G

When Narcissa Malfoy defected from the Dark Lord's ranks with her son, she had the hindsight to have a hefty chunk of the Malfoy possessions - including a couple of house elves - accompany them. Suffice to say, Grimmauld Place was never the same again.

Continued here...

*     *     *

Note: I'm probably going to string these weekly challenge drabbles into a oneshot that fits the Month's Challenge Theme "Out of Their Comfort Zone". There' s all this backstory I have to keep cutting out of the drabbles...and they STILL don't stay under 500 words *annoyed*.