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Icon meme

Snagged from bzzinglikeneon:

Whether you have 6 icons or 120. Pick the 5 that you are liking best right now, for whatever reason. Maybe it's because you really like the colors or composition, or maybe it's really funny. Maybe it has emotional significance. Maybe it just looks fucking cool.

Make sure you credit the maker so that other people can go check out their work, and double-check that any icon posted is sharable before you take it.

Current Faves:

 by sealedcards
A lot of the time peeps seem to say the same thing - or at least I feel like I'm saying something that's been said a dozen times before. Don't have a sheep icon, but this one resonates with me.

 by me
Voldie is *such* a pimp. Seeing this made me start thinking of the movies as fanfiction 'cause dayamn.

 by broomsticks
I get hungry and livejournal feeds some of my addictions. It just *speaks* to me....*shuffles* Shut-up.

 by vaderetro
I don't even know *why* I like this but I do. A lot.

 by sushicolour
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