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The public beta of the Safari browser has been released - so now you can get Safari for windows.

And we are suppose to find this wonderful? Really? When it comes to browsers I want the extra features - the extra stuff that lets me do stuff besides surfing the net - which is already available in both Opera and Firefox.

And if I want something slim and fast to browse with? Again, Opera and Firefox.

My point is that, they don't really have anything that's making me go "wow".

Right now they're tooting Safari as the fastest browser on earth. Ha. Their numbers in seconds:

  LaunchJavascript  HTML
Safari  1.74 .88 2.14
 IE 2.22 1.72 3.67
 FF 2.34 2.48 4.63
 Opera 1.82 .98 6.22

They tested it on ONE computer and did a total of THREE tests - until they could find something they seemed to be faster in. Umm, guys - you need some pointers. Also, a lot of issues. But it *is* a beta.

Ok, so Mac products are nice and shiny - but man, do they seem overhyped at the moment. I kind of glad I got rid of my iPod.

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