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Wallpaper ahoy...

Making H/D icons had me staring at red_rahl's other art and I just couldn't help it. Her chibi!art is so damn cute that I *needed* to put it on my desktop.

I don't even ship Lee/Gara - but it doesn't matter. 'Cause art like this can make anyone feel like going "awww". 

[1024x768] [800x600]

red_rahl was awesome enough to let me share this so here y'all go XD

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I know! I keep seeing Gaara hugging Lee's heart and going "my preciousss" and I just go all mushy.

Damn it.
asdlkaskd that is TOO CUTE ahahaha ♥ ...if you happen to need to read a really good Lee/Gaara fic this is it.

DO NOT TEMPT ME *wails* there's so much fic to read...

You're doing this deliberately aren't you *whimpers*