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Trip tips

Need to plan a 7 day trip (for August) with the family to Las Vegas, Los Angeles & San Fransisco.The only thing I've done so far is book a suite at The Venetian (I waffled at the price but there was a sale, and this is the first family trip in *forever*)

I am drowning under all the advice at - but does anyone have opinions/ideas/tips regarding those three cities?
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The Bay Area
I grew up in the bay area, if you go to san fran with the family you must walk half way across the golden gate bridge, go to angel island to ride bikes (it has an old fort on the island), go to giradili(how ever you spell it) square to have lunch(they have a glass window so you can see the chocolate being mixed), and either go to great america for the day or marine world. Marine world (when I was little anyway) had whales and tigers and waterski shows. But I think they got bought out by Paramount and six flags so they might also have rollercoasters now. sorry for the rambling with the bad grammer and spelling and all.
I just went to Las Vegas in April. What kind of stuff do you want to know about?

The main thing I'd tell you to do is see the free stuff (the pirate show at the TI, the volcano at the Mirage, the fountains in front of the Bellagio, etc), and if you can get tickets to any of the Cirque du Soleil shows, do it! We saw Mystere at the TI and loved it. I don't know if you like Star Trek at all, but the Star Trek rides at the Hilton were awesome.
Erm, (totally lives in the Bay Area, and with a multitude of cousins, I go everywhere) what would you like to know?

If you like clam chowder, there's just places on the piers (or the outskirts of SF, especially for shopping special things (food and craft wise. ( pier thirtynine isn't the only one, but it's tourist friendly.

If you want to sight see, <-- the golden gate national park is beautiful. There are also the Japanese Tea Gardens there, and if you're lucky and go on the right day, you might see a wedding.

Museums? They've got them up to here: SFMoMA(modernist, crazy), de Young(classic art, always have one notable dead artist there), Asian Art Museum(asian stuff, including middle eastern), and the funky Exploratorium (which is interesting science stuff, lots of kids).

There are lots of ferrys that go into the bay to alcatraz or angel island. Might not be everyon's sindig, but there's that.

They also have a Japan Town. One of few in the US. Its nice for japanese stuff... food, shops, and the nice architecture make it up. (China town isn't really worth going to nowadays.)

(Marine World definitely has rides now. Same animal attractions though, like wildcats that walk around on leaches.

(are you driving down to LA, or flying? cause there are nice stops along the way, if you plan it well)

LA has the two Disneyland Parks, with seperate or combined tickets to the amount you choose. Universal Studios is good for movie making wonders and the Jurassic Park ride, because it'll cool you off.

Walk of Fame's down there too. Along with this museum: which, according to my brother's camera, beautiful.

Mom just popped in and said that Catalina's a really nice place to go ("It's hawaii inland")

Las Vegas...? Went there once. Basically, all the hotels fight each other based on attraction, so the free stuff that was talked about is actually pretty freaking amazing. The Venetian, for example, has this show with statues and lights, telling this aquarian legend (atlantis?). There are shows upon shows there, just feel free to roam around. -->I don't know how well you deal with smokers (coming from California, where no one smokes indoors), but the casinos and be COVERED in smoke. Just crazy.

Yeah, alright, that should solve your ad problems.