Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Drabble: Greener Grass

This is my first ever 100 word drabble. Its an odd little piece but seems fiting for H/D dynamics...

Title: Greener Grass
Author: gossymer
Word Count:
Rating: G
Notes: For the hd100 community ^__^

His defection meant that they were on the same side. Yet watching Malfoy sit alone gave rise to a perverse sort of pleasure. It was all the more sweet to laugh and enjoy the good company when there was none to be had for the other.

It was difficult to watch Tonks join her cousin. Watch her draw out a reluctant laugh. It caused an almost sickening plunge inside, witnessing the smile tugging at the blonde’s lips.

Harry wondered who he hated more in that moment, the two cousins for bonding or himself for wishing he were in Tonk’s place.


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