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A note for HP book 7

After reading the final HP book, y'all can head over to hpbook7thoughts to squee/rant/discuss it. If you're like me and don't mind reading the spoilers (both before release and after), you can check out spoil_me_dh

If I mention any HP spoilers at any time, they will be behind cuts and a few capital letters probably. Having said that, I have absolutely no problems with spoilers - if y'all are looking for someone to yell at when y'all discover Bill dumps Fleur at the altar to hook up with Remus - I will totally yell "WTF" back - AND BE OKAY WITH IT.

I'll make a post on the day before book 7 comes out - the spoiler zone if y'all will - spam me with any squees/rants over there ^__^ 'Cause I understand the need to vent sometimes can be overwhelming XD

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