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Poll: Color Schemes for Layouts

I posted a poll on mintyapple for layout schemes - be awesome and vote on it? It comes with SWATCHES of colors so it's shiny IMO.

I need to figure out half a dozen color schemes and fast.

The Poll
God, why is that so appealing?!?

That would just make choosing color schemes a nightmare to decide.

I don't pick one, too hard
Have you seen this one?

I'm leaving you a comment because I friended your journal. I'm interested in a spn rec community, I rec for crack_impala as well as just being an obsessive reader of spn fic/meta and you can never have to many recs.

I am a tad confused though. Is the reccing comm separate from this journal? *looks befuddled*

So much H/D goodness!
Hiya! Also leaving you a comment after friending you just now... You have made someone a very happy fangirl with that H/D rec list! The journal is very impressive, I'm thinking of taking a day off from work to roam it properly. :) Well, krmh. That is, if I had a job. Instead I think I'll just do the next best thing, take a day off from my summer holiday and roam it properly. ;)

I have found a treasure hide it *slytherinish grin*