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Catching up on stuff...

[001] Art rec for anyone who has ever read/thought about reading/heard of "Good Omens" - jdillon has stunning artwork on each character. It makes me want to read the book all over again. Ms. Dillon was probably the first online artist I ever fangirled - and the reason I spent a month in high school, trying to figure out photoshop ♥

[002] Waiting for someone to help me fix the PC was way too stressful. So I ended up reformatting the computer. Best decision ever. My sister's computer had so much stuff she needed -but I didn't - that it's cleared up over 50% of the space on it. It's smooth and fast, which is saying something for a 5 year old laptop. My desktop now:

Wallpaper from anjali @ deviantART.com

[003] Went to Houston over the weekend to visit my ol' roomie wxy - love the city's food, malls, museums and OMG, the chocolate bar (that candy shop/ice cream parlor/cake shop) had me waffling so much.

[004] Ah, need to talk about the London premiere of OOTP. Now there were a lot of pretty dresses and pink ties but hands down, my favorite gal was Shefali Chowdhury (Parvati Patil in the movies) - her purple dress with the black jacket was classy and chic. Photograph Lighting can be a *itch for medium-dark skin tones, but she still managed to look wonderful - especially loved her makeup. If y'all want to check out all the outfits, quibblernews has a really good post with some interesting critiques too.

[005] One of the first things I saw on getting back from Houston was furiosity's post with the H/D macrocats for me *__*  Macro!Harry's scar pwns.

[006] Watched Ratatouille. It was really good. Watched Transformers - it was good but could have been better, especially if they cut the movie down a bit and the autobots didn't actually monologue. Listening to yells of "MEGATRON!" and "OPTIMUS!", and various ways of saying "I WILL DEFEATCHU" had me facepalming. Maybe I was expecting too much *shrugs*. I hope The Golden Compass doesn't disappoint though *wishes it were December*

[007] Smutty original slash ficlet rec: maderr posted car!pr0n - short bit of smutty delight.

[008] HANA KIMI HANA KIMI HANA KIMI - ah, definitely the Japanese drama of the season. - bittersweet_bun has the first episode + subs for quick download. I was never really excited about the manga but the j-drama really transforms the storyline. Don't talk to me about the old Taiwanese version *shudders*.

[009] Was less than impressed with the finale of Doctor Who - yes, I know, unpopular opinion. Without Jack and the Master, the show feels far less spiffy. But since HP is coming out soon, it's all right *is easily distracted*

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