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My dream OTP

It suddenly hit me - the fic which I'm dying to read. It's Firefox/Opera. Yes, I know. But hear me out.

It's a fic where the head of the council committee (or head boy or class president) is being elected. We have Firefox who knows just how to work it, Safari who is very pretty but hasn't quite got *everything* together, IE who is the reigning King and top contender to Firefox, and we have Opera - long time second place winner, now completely overlooked since Firefox came on the scene.

Firefox doesn't really notice Opera until a news article comes up - everyone's voting for Firefox except for the peeps who have only hung out with IE...and the peeps who are quietly secure in the knowledge that Opera would be the best choice.

Firefox pays attention. He meets Opera, who's older that him (but oddly smaller) and kinda messy and his stuff all over the place - but quietly gets the job done, with little fuss. Opera is more nitpicky and focused on rules and standards - but that's just cause he's got a different way of doing things. And suddenly Firefox isn't all about IE, IE, IE - he's got his eye on this guy named Opera - who has no chance of actually winning the elections but...maybe he'd be just right as second-in-command?

In any case, Firefox would like to spend some quality time with him.

*is totally NOT blushing*

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