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live earth performances

Spent the morning looking at the highlights of Live Earth via youtube. THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF. Here are some links and bands that stood out

Linkin Park (WOOT!)
One Step Closer | Lying From You | Somewhere I Belong | No More Sorrow | From the Inside | Numb | Pushing Me Away(unplugged?) | Breaking the Habit | Crawling | In the End | Little Things | What I've Done | Faint (the final song - the crowd jumps up and down, and looks like waves in the ocean O__O)

And links to the others under cuts...
Abingdon Boys School
the only vid with decent quality | Nervous Breakdown | Nephlim | Lost Reason | Freak Show | Innocent Sorrow (the OP for DGM)
Hey You | Ray of Light | La Isla Bonita
Bon Jovi
It's My Life | Wanted Dead or Alive | Who Says You Can't Go Home | Livin on a Prayer
Foo Fighters
All My Life | My Hero | Times Like These | Best of You (cool) | Ever Long
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Can't Stop | By the Way
Sad But True | Nothing Else Matters | Enter Sandman (OMG YAY)
Fall Out Boy
Sugar We're Goin Down & Thanks for the Memories | Dance Dance & This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race
Genesis (with Phill Collins)
Turn It On Again | Land of Confusion
Driven to Tears | Roxanne | Can't Stand Losing You | Message in a Bottle
only semi decent vid
Here I Am Baby | I Can't Help Falling In Love

And finally, we have Linkin Park's latest video for What I've Done that particularly rang true to the theme of the entire event:

*goes back to the stuff she was ignoring*

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