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HD holidays - summer 07 - compilation rec list

This list has two purposes - it's an alternative masterlist to hd_holidays that includes summaries, and secondly it includes various quotes from people who recced the submissions.

So it's both a rec list and a master list.

Please note that some fics do not have quoted recs because either:
  • I've not found the recs yet
  • Those recs are friends locked
  • Current recs only provide links to the fics
  • People haven't gotten around to reccing them yet (overwhelmed by the volume of H/D goodness).
  • (Your reason here)

All in the Cards by themostepotente - fic for morganmuffle
A tale of love and heartbreak told in five vignettes.
"Don't let the OCs scare you off; they're well-done and this is a nicely original take on H/D, with some interesting magical ideas, to boot." - celandineb (...)

"This is a story within a story, with recurring themes that cross-cut the entire piece. It's a very interesting construction, and one of the more unusual things I've seen in a little while." - r_grayjoy (...)

"One of the best fics I've read in the fest. The writer clearly put an huge effort...witty, hysterical and also deeply moving. Give it a try - I'll bet you get hooked and end up reading the entire thing before you know it." - melusinahp (...)

Are You There, God? It's Me, Draco by floweringjudas - fic for calyxess
Harry and Draco are straight Aurors. Then they're gay teachers. It makes sense in context.
"omg, this fic has some very hot smut *ded*. It's also hilarious, and touching, and features Harry and Draco both as aurors and as Hogwarts professors [two for the price of one!]. Moreover, it ends very happily :D. What more could you ask for?" - coffeejunkii (...)

"There's just something amazing about a well-done crack!fic. There is a ton of silly, a little gravitas, and obligatory smut. Plus, someone great makes an EXTRA great cameo near the end. If you're in the mood for something fun, this is the fic for you!" - misconstrue (...)

At The Ashwinder by acromantular - fic for jairissa
Harry’s life was predictable until Draco came back.
"Vince & Greg make me really happy, as does Narcissa. There is a great supporting cast in this one!" - misconstrue (...)

Bad Company by furiosity - fic for lizardspots
Throughout the war's duration, Harry had imagined a lot of things about its end. Just not this.
"No fluff for these two. Raw and intense and probably closer to how a real 'relationship' between Harry and Draco would play out. Loved the wartime setting too." - mizbean (...)

"Wartime fic. This story is harsh and raw and so perfectly believable." - saturn (...)

Balance of Extremes, The by dragonfly_lily - fic for snottygrrl
Harry attends a party and wakes up with the last person he ever expected to sleep with.
"This one is one of my favorites so far. It has everything: humour, angst and great smut. I especially adore that more or less all hp characters make an appearence once and the reader gets to see how everything worked out at the end." - seregil_1982 (...)

Birthdays Past and Present by stromwynd - fic for oootheittooo
It's Harry's birthday, and he has a very specific request for Draco to fulfill.

Be-loved and Be-elved by fireelemental79 - fic for acromantular
Harry suddenly finds himself the recipient of a number of love letters, which appear mysteriously on his desk at W.W.W. Inc., Fred and George’s magical gag factory. Is it just coincidence that they start to show up shortly before hiring Draco Malfoy as a new product tester? Or has Harry’s life simply taken a turn for the humorous now that he is in the middle of some great romantic conspiracy? And what part, if any, does Dobby play in the ever increasing mess that is Harry’s romantic life?
"...most painfully funny gift!fic in the...exchange! Harry works for the Weasley twins, and hires Malfoy as a potions tester. Hijinks, hilarity, and cracktastic house-elves ensue. I had to bleach my eyeballs and my brain after I managed to stop laughing." - acromantular (...)

Beautiful Twilight, A by aluinnsearlait - art for stormwynd

Bed & Late Night Snack by grey_hunter - fic for confiteor_3
Harry goes after his head, Draco has his own agenda, and something is lurking in the dark - same old. But there is a point when even history refuses to repeat itself.
"I cannot stress to you how great this story is. I read it how many hours ago, before work even, and I still cannot put into words how great this story is. " - confiteor_3 (...)

Beg for it, Potter by mayflo - fic for eeyore9990

Bells and Whistles by melusinahp - fic for kabal42
Three stages in Harry and Draco's relationship.
"Surprisingly romantic BDSM fic. Excellent pacing, solid writing and hot sex. Mmmm." - mizbean (...)

Biter by verisimilitant - art for chemical_haven
Draco never expected the Golden Boy to be a biter.

Boy Who Wore Pink Knickers, The by mizbean - fic for elaboration
Grimmauld Place was grim enough before Malfoy unexpectedly arrived.

Bright Pink iPods by a4_letter - fic for platformnine
It seems that all the other Order adults are lazy arseholes and the Worst Problem Ever has fallen into Harry’s lap.

Burning Day by ravenna_c_tan - fic for son_of_darkness
Changed by the long war and unhappy with his life, Harry starts a new one in Muggle London, but something is still missing. Unfulfilled, Harry looks for it in back alleys and back rooms, but it’s elusive.
"Dark-ish Harry is usually not my thing, yet I got sucked into this one. There's an extended BDSM scene toward the end that's very hot." - mizbean (...)

"... this is the best H/D kink fic I have EVER read!!! It's hot, and sexy and so deliciously kinky, but also sweet and emotional and... just... GUH!!! I'm still on a high, nearly 40 minutes later." - son_of_darkness (...)

Business of Saving Souls, The by rurounihime - fic for naadi
Draco’s world is filled with ghosts, and not all of them are so easily banished.
"There are very select few fanfics you may read and know instantly that it goes beyond the average squeetastic H/D shipper fic. It hits you straight in the gut and takes you to another level. Harry and Draco don't just feel real, it actually seems like you're reading a story about their *lives* - you're right there with them and have never been more in love with your OTP. One of these fics is The Business of Saving Souls." - gossymer (...)

"...one of the best fic's i've read in a long time...absolutely gorgeous. The boys are both broken but oh so real and worth fighting for. Completely wonderful." - snottygrrl (...)

Can't Take the Heat by confiteor_3 - fic for el_em_en_oh_pee
Suspicious activity in Newcastle upon Tyne bring Harry and Draco chasing after what or who they don't know, followed by a secretive Hannah Abbott, who doesn't seem to know if she'd rather help or hinder.

Caught Out by calyxess - fic for tehgiantsquid
Pursuing Quidditch careers, Harry and Draco continue with their rivalry on and off the pitch...or do they?
"Sneaky Draco catches the Snitch." - mizbean (...)

"v. .v cute. take a look." - snottygrrl (...)

Chasing Ghosts by coffeejunkii - fic for fourth_rose
The war is over, but the past refuses to be left behind.
"...not a happy story, but it's truly beautiful. Harry and Draco have to face the events of the past and deal with losses and the consequences of difficult decisions that may have an impact on their relationship. It's angsty, but never overdone, and the portrayal of Harry, Draco and their relationship feels very real that way." - fourth_rose (...)

Constant Change by megan_sage - fic for yodels
A recluse; scared of everyone and everything because he did not want his life to change. But, Harry realized, change was a part of life and the only constant that anyone could ever count on.
"Cute and fluffy, Semi - recluse Harry, Ron is a bit of a git but only in passing. Makes you feel for Hermione and both Harry and Draco are Hogwarts Proffesots what more can you need oh and did I mention the cute penguin Pajamas." - raelinschaos (...)

Counting the Stars by noticeably - fic for verisimilitant
A long time ago, he promised you the world.

Cry for Me by son_of_darkness - fic for ellie_nor
Harry discovers that the old phrase, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", really does hold true.
"...for anyone who wants some deliciously kinky D/s with a loving committed relationship that really pushes ALL your buttons, try Cry For Me...just so incredibly sexy if you like a bit of kink with your love." - jamie2109 (...)

"...a really lovely, sweet BDSM fic. The characterisation is also wonderful in this one, and I think the writer does a great job of demonstrating the psychology behind BDSM. I know that sounds clinical, but the fic isn't clinical in the slightest. It's moving, funny, hot and very romantic." - melusinahp (...)

Cure to Obsession, The by chemical_haven - fic[fic for fileaspirant
Harry confronts Malfoy but ends up a little distracted.

Curiosity Doesn't Always Kill by lotrwariorgodss - fic for dragon_charmer
When Harry mysteriously returns to Hogwarts with a son and a new attitude, everyone seems to know more than Draco, and that is most definitely not on.
"...H/D with kids, one of my favorite things (even if the little boy in question isn't a result of mpreg, but of adoption). I thoroughly enjoyed this story featuring responsible!Harry and bewildered!Draco." - [Unknown LJ tag] (...)

Dejà-vu by alexis_sd - fic for faynia
Can it really be him at a most unexpected of places?
"Kind of hard to figure out...but overall very good and thought-provoking" - smartie1685 (...)

Deplorably Enough by tifsuz - fic for a4_letter
He could hear footsteps behind him and this time Draco didn't care - let them come and see - he was surrounded by ghosts of his own making, it was obvious that there would be no escape and Draco had been running for far too long now.
"...has a lovely Draco voice which speculates answers of what happens after it is all over. Some great one liners which made me laugh out loud. Something inherently cute and schmoopy about it as well just a lovely read." - raelinschaos (...)

E R I S E D by aoifeic - fic for lillithium
Caught in the throes of war and revenge, Harry Potter desperately races to find Severus Snape. His chase leads him to his only clue: Draco Malfoy.
"... the thing I loved the most about this fic was the quality of the writing. Very confident, very tight. The characterisation is spot on, and the story is so sad and moving. It has a really interesting ending -- I felt conflicted in a lovely way." - melusinahp (...)

"Lovely Dark Harry and a bit of a bastard he still can't completely cut off that kind streak within himself. It has a great manipulative Draco that at points pulls your heart strings. The mirror is used in a wonderfully new and dark way." - raelinschaos (...)

Exploration by sherant - fic for aoifeic
After the War Harry and Draco explore what remains of Hogwarts -and each other.
"Looking at the second panel I can only think of Moody's warning regarding buttocks and wands. XD" - misconstrue (...)

Falmouth Falcons’ Star Seeker, The by faynia - fic for frayach
I went to that party hating Malfoy, and by the time I was ready to leave, I was scared to leave his side.

Fine Line Between Then and Now, The by dragon_charmer - fic for coffeejunkii
What if everything changed and you didn’t know how to make it right again?
"...much less of a romp, this fic that plays with time, which I absolutely adore. The ending is what F would call ambiguous to hopeful" - snottygrrl (...)

Fog of War, The by luci0logy - fic for bewarethesmirk
Things are not what they seem on either side of the war. Sometimes self interest can save the day.

Forgive by anemonesque - art for sugareey
"Soft, sensuous painterly depiction of Harry and Draco." - mizbean (...)

Four-Poster by klarsfelder - fic for lilian_cho
A view from within a room.

Games People Play by sesheta_66 - fic for stillaseeker
Harry and Draco are no longer together. And they are both fine with that. Really. No, really, they are. Enter the women.

Going Home by auto - fic for alaana_fair
A desperate attack sends Draco to a place he could never imagine, and he embarks on a journey he never thought possible.
"...tugged on my heartstrings and captivated me...this is a time travel fic that doesn't end with anyone getting hurt or being left out in the cold, which is always a major plus. This fic takes you on a wild ride, but it all ends well." - coffeejunkii (...)

Götterdämmerung by ennyousai - fic for strigoia
In the end it is Fate who decides who will win and who will lose. But sometimes you can persuade her of your worth.
" It is dark which I don’t usually read but it is so wonderfully written with beautiful descriptive words of places and feelings. This is a different outlook on what may happen and is one of the only stories I have read that has gone this way after the war. I love both the Harry and the Draco and the sense that it was just them the other had." - raelinschaos (...)

Healthy Sportsmanship by lizardspots - fic + art for dark0feenix
Who'd have thought the worst part about being a Quidditch medic wasn't the stress and disgusting bodily fluids, but the ordeal of caring for the Cannons' star player Harry Potter?
"I maintain that there are not enough healer!Draco (or healer!Darry) fics out there, so this one made me happy...anyway, it's a delight to see harry and draco struggle through their mutual attraction and equally mutual cluelessness as to what to do about that." - coffeejunkii (...)

"This was the first one posted, and you can see why. The writing in this fic is so beautiful, sensual and descriptive. It's extremely funny and has a lovely, typical H/D storyline in which the sexual tension between them builds slowly over time before culminating in gorgeous, ridiculously hot H/D sex. Great characterisation, too. I spent most of the time I was reading the fic biting my lip with my fingers trembling" - melusinahp (...)

"If you like to read about healer!Draco, then you should definitely read this one. Or you should at least go look at the beautiful art posted with the fic." - sulky_rhino (...)

In/Sight by celandineb - fic for pushdragon
Harry keeps coming by junior minister Weasley's office... but is it really just to have lunch with his ex?
"Being not exactly a fan of Percy, I was skeptical about this fic, but oh, it features blind!Harry who owns a seeing eye kneazle, and not nearly as much Percy as i had feared, so it's all good :). It's a sweet and satisfying story all around." - coffeejunkii (...)

" Contains: blind Harry, assistant!Draco, voyeur!Kneazle and avocados. It's not a humour fic though. :)" - sulky_rhino (...)

In Which Harry Potter Discovers a River In Egypt by kestrelsparhawk - fic for fireelemental79
A missing roommate, a mysteriously familiar male prostitute, murdered Muggles, and an angry boss are all making life difficult for Auror Harry Potter. And that’s before he discovers that the reason he’s avoided having girlfriends for three years is not only because he doesn’t like publicity.
"It’s amazing and isn’t getting near enough the amount of comments and publicity that it deserves, Draco is funny and snarky Harry is kind and inteligent when pushed and still the Hero that has to save everyone and Millicent is very well written and now a character I want to know more about." - raelinschaos (...)

Just A Look by irya_angeles - art for lttlelola

King Cobra by megyal - fic for shadowclub
Auror Malfoy is an undercover agent in the employ of a drug baron. His job? To locate a deep cover agent by the name of Harry Potter, assist him in closing down the drug operation, and then extracting them both, alive. His case takes him to Jamaica, where everything will be won or lost within the coils of the King Cobra.

Last Time, The by enchanted_jae - fic for lotrwariorgodss
Draco chose to spy for the Order; he only wishes he didn't have to report to Potter.

Later... by elaboration and florahart - art + fic for sherant
"A more subdued palette than what this artist normally uses. Still, passionate and sexy all the same . There's also a ficlet to go with the art." - mizbean (...)

Leave Your Field to Flower by emmagrant01 - fic for luci0logy
Draco Malfoy is like all the other Survivors of the disaster -- except for one called Harry Potter.
"This is one amazing, heartbreaking but beautiful fic (and it ends on a very hopeful note). Can't say too much about it because you need to discover the twist for yourself. I love the way Harry and Draco find each other in this one." - coffeejunkii (...)

"Original. Thoroughly engrossing. I absolutely did not want it to end. One of the best post-war fics I've read." - mizbean (...)

Life Isn’t a Fairy Tale by ms_mindfunk - fic for auto
Harry is in dire need of a life, so he heads off to America and the Salem Institute in the hopes of finding one.
"Very satisfying story about Harry going to teach in america and who else should he meet there but Draco, who has a little boy? (there's implied mpreg involved here) As you can imagine this fic hit lots of my buttons and if you like H/D as teachers with a side of parenting, you'll enjoy this one, too :)" - coffeejunkii (...)

Logic of Dreams, The by frayach - fic for mayflo
War hero Harry Potter suddenly finds himself guilty of a murder he hasn’t committed of a man he has never met. And worst of all, he has no means of confronting his accusers, all of whom are former Death Eaters. Could this be a set-up? Or something even worse?
"I'm a big Phillip K. Dick fan, and this fic takes off Minority Report to tell a beautiful, heartbreaking incredibly romantic story. The structure of the storytelling is gripping, I was just pulled along all the way through. The ending is a little open, but it worked for me. It's quite long, but the writing is so strong you probably won't notice." - melusinahp (...)

Lost and Found by platformnine - fic for kestrelsparhawk
Draco Malfoy must turn once again to the help of Harry Potter to find his missing mother.

Malfoy Possessions by lilian_cho - fic for ennyousai
Harry Potter has natural immunity against Imperius, love potions and Veela allure. Draco Malfoy is the media darling.

Many Faces of Draco Malfoy, The by dark0feenix - fic for norton_gale
Harry's going to save the world but first he needs to face Malfoy. All of him.
"a really funny crack!fic with a surprisingly sweet ending. I love ironic humor fics, and this one really hit the spot with its simultaneous mockery and celebration of fanon. Go read, and enjoy!" - norton_gale (...)

"Okay, now this one was funny! :D If you like clichés, and making fun of them, then this is the fic for you. :D" - sulky_rhino (...)

Mirror Mirror On The Wall by morganmuffle - fic for noticeably
You know you can’t do this don’t you? Harry stands before his mirror and prepares for a ceremony he never thought he’d attend (2nd person POV)

Mix of Snow and Petals, A by el_em_en_oh_pee - fic for grey_hunter
It's been two years since The Incident, and Harry still hasn't gotten completely over it, still can only get by day-to-day. Enter Draco, who will do anything to reestablish his name in the Ministry and the Wizarding World...
"This story stands out because of its style--it's noticeably different, in a good way. I also have a weakness for slightly-lost!Harry who finds new purpose in life through Draco's interference. A quirky little fic with many surprising details." - coffeejunkii (...)

More Than Words by fileaspirant - fic for themostepotente
Some things are meant to be, others just are. And if you can’t change, should you even try?

No Exit by ellie_nor - fic for melusinahp
When you’re trapped and there’s no way to escape, which instincts win out?
"There is UST, and biting, and passionate, angry very hot sex. There is Draco as a werewolf with PTSD, and Harry being caring and kinds towards him. The characterisation is spot on and the dialogue is gorgeous...it's not even that dark -- there's implied previous non-con, but nothing is too spelled out..." - melusinahp (...)

Office Supplies by ashe_frost - fic for 1ightning
Draco is accused of stealing office supplies, but Draco thinks it's Harry who's stealing it. But maybe it's bigger than all of that.
"...the light tone and humor made it fun...Draco working as a secretary (and liking it) is an adorable notion all on its own." - mizbean (...)

Of Owls, Horcruxes and Snakes by kabal42 - fic for ravenna_c_tan
One night, Harry Potter is awoken by an owl delivering a letter. A letter from the least expected correspondent imaginable. It convinces him to embark on a mission to save an enemy, destroy a soul and, perhaps, save the world.

One Afternoon After Quidditch... by naadi - art for heyhoolou
Harry and Ron’s after-practice shower is rather unexpectedly interrupted . . .
"This cracks me up." - flowrs4ophelia (...)

"...some lovely wet boys. Luscious." - snottygrrl (...)

Opaque by shadowclub - fic for florahart
Harry is sent to Azkaban and his cell mate is Draco Malfoy.

Out of Egypt by sassy_cissa - fic for noa_luna
Draco works on a new potion that keeps him away from Harry more than either of them like. (Alternate Summary: Draco brews while Harry stews.)
"Begins with some very hot phone sex, and has a very mature and sympathetic but yet not OC Draco." - celandineb (...)

Path To Awakening, The by lire_casander - fic for irya_angelus
When heroes realize that there is no one left to save, they start their downfall, dragging with them everything they once loved.

Perfect Drug, The by 1ightning - fic for furiosity
In which Draco’s life is shady, Harry is out to save the world from itself, and revenge turns sour.
"It's a long plotty story with Auror!Harry and not-exactly-good!Draco. It also has a really smart potion in it (and "smart" magic is one of the things I love). I really enjoyed reading it. :)" - sulky_rhino (...

Plans Gone Awry by pixystick - fic for silentauror
Sometimes old plots crop up at the worst times. Sometimes those same plots can lead to the most enjoyable of situations.
"...light, entertaining read. Very amusing. I smiled through most of this." - waterbird (...)

Poems on the Underground by stillaseeker - fic for sassy_cissa
Post-Voldemort. Harry and Draco are friends with benefits, and Draco can’t help being so photogenic.
"*sigh* Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Less of a story than a snapshot of Harry and Draco's relationship. Bittersweet and romantic. The writing is excellent. There are photos mixed in with the text." - mizbean (...)

"This fic pretty much made me swoon last night. The writing is lush and seductive and just a little bittersweet. "Ambiguous relationships" is more of an incentive than a warning for me, so I loved the way the author portrayed Harry/Draco here -- the simple joy they take in each other's company, even while there are wistful undercurrents between them as well. And the accompanying photographs are just gorgeous." - secretsolitaire (...)

Possibilities by noa_luna - fic for aluinnsearlait
An unexpected meeting causes old memories to resurface and new ones to be created.

Pret-a-Partenaire by nqdonne - fic for floweringjudas
Of all the sandwich joints in London, he had to walk into Harry's.
"There's no way I could resist this one" - celandineb (...)

"I keep going back and re-reading and it's SO GOOD. The author's Percy is adorable and her Draco is hilarious and fussy, and her Harry is laid-back and a bit slutty, and just. just. *FLAIL* " - floweringjudas (...

Pursuit of Happiness, The by tehgiantsquid - fic for celandineb
Harry Potter has great friends, a job he loves, and a peaceful life for the first time in years. So why can’t he just be happy like everybody else?
"It's engaging. It's suspenseful. It has PLOT. It's filled with fresh ideas that I've never seen written before..." - blonde_cecile (...)

"This story has a great mystery and a wonderful development of Harry's and Draco's relationship. in other words, a total winner :)." - coffeejunkii (...)

"Anyway, great characters, great plot, not too many boring details, and lots of nummy UST. *happy sigh*" - dacro (...)

Real Person Slash by violet_quill - fic for nqdonne
After the war, Harry and many of his acquaintances are celebrities. And what good are celebrities if you can't fantasize about them shagging each other?
"Wonderful crack. Moaning Myrtle is a fanfic writer. Who knew?" - mizbean (...)

"it's funny and it's fic with a beautiful dash of meta!" - morganmuffle (...)

"...British pop culture references, clever self-deprecating meta and HOT PREFECTS' BATHROOM PORN." - nqdonne (...)

Release of the Past by bewarethesmirk - fic for cutecoati
Two years after the war, Harry's life is at a standstill. Harry meets Draco on a forced social outing and is motivated to relinquish his ties to the horrors of wartime's past.

Reunion, The by lttlelola - fic for lire_casander
It's Reunion Time! It's the five year anniversary since the war ended. the guest of honor is late, Hermione is changing moods at the drop of a hat, and Ron calls Draco dashing. All leading up to a not so surprising announcement.

Room with a View by cutecoati - fic for emmagrant01
The portraits at number twelve, Grimmauld Place have seen many strange things over the years, but none as strange as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy staying under the same roof while there's a war going on outside.
"...manages to create not only a very compelling storyline, but also an incredibly rich and multi-layered background...especially liked Draco's characterisation through the eyes of his ancestor, but Harry and Snape are also wonderfully done...tore through it in one go because I just couldn't stop." - fourth_rose (...)

"No matter how many thousands of fics you may have read of a pairing, there are fics that feel like you're reading the shipping for the first time: fresh, unique, a whole world in a fic, brilliant writing, fabulous characters all round, goes hand in hand with canon and is still fabulously creative - for me this fic had it all." - gossymer (...)

"...one of the most refreshing and compelling fics I've read for a while" - luci0logy (...)

Set Me Free by jairissa - fic for mizbean
Everyone always told Harry to grow up. Now that he has, when is the promised happiness going to arrive?
"Funny, sweet story of an overworked Harry getting lessons on living again from Draco Malfoy." - mizbean (...)

"Harry has an interesting job and I like that Draco forces him to sort of become friends with him first and realize how boring his life is. Also has a lot of humor that I enjoyed." - smartie1685 (...)

Shared Lives by alaana_fair - fic for rurounihime
Harry and Draco have shared a flat for a while, but it’s taken them a long time to realise they actually share something much more important.

Shhhh... by sherant - art for tifsuz
What boys get up to behind closed doors...

Something to keep it interesting by jamie2109 - fic for pixystick
He would have preferred to remain exactly where he was; their positions allowing him a closeness that otherwise would have been construed as…something else. But, he was positive that if he had to keep on inhaling Draco’s wonderfully erotic scent for too much longer at close quarters, he would have surely given in to temptation and done something completely idiotic. Like lean in to see if Draco tasted as good as he smelled.
"Harry and Draco are Aurors that end up trapped in a closet together. UST, banter and sex ensues." - mizbean (...)

Spinner's End by silentauror - fic for jamie2109
The war is in full swing when Harry is forced to spend an unexpected stint in Spinner's End.
"The smut alone makes this worth reading (omgsohot!!!), but there's also a nice chunk of plot to go along with it, and Harry and Draco dancing around each other in various stages of denial that explode quite spectacularly. This story has one of the most enjoyable coming out scenes I've read in a fic. Oh, and despite the title, Snape doesn't make an appearance here." - coffeejunkii (...)

"A nice fic, full of hot steamy scenes, UST, bickering, misunderstandings, and just a great fic! Harry and Draco are so real. You just feel for Harry when he thinks Draco isn't interested and the other way around too! What I loved most is the end with the bet and Ron losing. :D" - jasminhd (...)

Stung by pushdragon - fic for violet_quill
After the war, Draco is really, really, really angry. A loose re-telling of "Taming of the Shrew" with duelling, mindless destruction, cross-dressing and lashings of crack.

Summer Days by sugareey - art for megyal
"rather lovely in a calm summer's evening way." - morganmuffle (...)

Swirl Stick Thingies and Other Magical Oddities by eeyore9990 - fic for alexis_sd
A potions mishap, a family secret, and one very confused Boy Who Lived all add up to a good ol’ romp in the Room of Requirement...eventually.
"This fic has three things that I love: Veela, forced bonding and a snarky Snape. Ooh, and a hot sex scene too! :D" - sulky_rhino (...)

Through the Looking Glass by strigoia - fic for anemonesque
What if a single rash decision made in your youth set the stage for years of conflict? And what if you were given a chance to see the way things might have been?

Touring Malfoy Manor by heyhoolou - art for zness
Obviously Harry is most interested in seeing the bedroom...

Two Blokes, A Bike and A Biro by yodels - fic for sesheta_66
Out with the old, in with the new. Draco Malfoy’s got his life classified and catalogued, everything in its place. But, Harry Potter’s unexpected appearance at Hogwarts shakes up Draco’s organized world.
"Sharpies are now featured in an H/D. It is bliss." - lauriegilbert (...)

"...loved it. So much win. Nagging magical portraits. Office supply fetishes. Curmudgeonly Draco. Sexy Harry. Mmmm, yes. Fluffy without being overly sweet." - mizbean (...)

Unfinished Business by norton_gale - fic for ashe_frost
Harry is confronted with a difficult truth when the only person who knows his secret is reassigned to the Ministry's London office. And it's all making him a bit mental, to be honest.
"... just a load of fun and had me hooked from beginning to end. The writer's style is completely enagaging and creative. There were parts that stuck with me all through the following day." - melusinahp (...)

When the war is over, you can read the paper by zness - fic for ms_mindfunk
Auror Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts to teach and realizes the war still needs to be fought within the castle’s heavily warded walls.

Without Reflection by snottygrrl - fic for enchanted_jae
Harry wakes up from the final battle a wee bit changed. Just when he thinks he's getting the hang of it, Draco shows up.
"Yummy vampire fic." - mizbean (...)

World of the Living, The by fourth_rose - fic for dragonfly_lily
A traumatised war hero and a convicted criminal under the roof of an eccentric journalist make for a rather odd ensemble, but Luna has never had a problem with oddities as long as they make sense.
"I just finished reading this about half an hour and must rec it right away. I'm normally not a fan of an outsider's pov in H/D fics, but I found myself enchanted by Luna's view of the world, and of Harry and Draco." - coffeejunkii (...)

"Told from Luna's pov, it really is a beautifully written piece. The author manages not only to catch almost perfectly Luna's character, but watching Harry and Draco through her eyes is a delight." - earth_magic (...)

"A beautifully-written, spot-on Luna takes a broken post-war Harry and an outcast Draco into her home. Great characterisations and a wonderful balance of Angst and humour. Parselsmut and cool t-shirts, too. This fic pushes so many of my buttons and tells a wonderful, moving story in the process." - waterbird (...)

If there is a fic with less than three quotes, and you feel it deserves to be read - feel free to comment with your rec or pimp a link to your rec post.
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  • Notice on layouts...

    It's been a long time coming, but I'm going to be switching my layouts to noveltybox over the holidays. Right now its an empty…

  • Profile: Monochrome

    Did my final profile revamp for a while and here are the codes if anyone is interested. This version uses one of the Christmas images I shared…

  • Fixing the Entry Title link format

    If you're not using an Expressive/Mixit layout (Edit: or the default component layouts), chances are your entry titles no longer look quite right…